Samsung Family Hub™: 5 ways to smarter food management at home

With cutting-edge technology in sleek designs, this appliance is in a class of its own — you’ll never want any other refrigerator again


A refrigerator is a refrigerator, right?


Meet the new Samsung Family Hub™ — and get ready to be amazed.

This smart refrigerator with an integrated 21.5-inch touchscreen and Harman Kardon AKG speaker can do everything from creating shopping lists to coordinating schedules and playing your favourite songs and movies.

For starters, if you’re having a hard time keeping track of what’s in your fridge and what’s going bad, here are five ways to smarter food and time management and less wastage with this ultimate intelligent home appliance:

1. Are you at the supermarket but forgot your grocery list?


Solution: Sync your family’s shopping lists so everyone gets what they need. With the Samsung Family Hub™, you can make shopping lists on the touchscreen and share it with family members.  Even if an item is forgotten, you can just add it to the list using the Samsung Family Hub™ touchscreen or your phone, and the shopper will see it instantly. Say goodbye to grocery lists hastily scribbled on scraps of paper.


2. Out grocery shopping but can’t remember if you’ve still got stock cubes and other ingredients in your fridge needed to cook stew?

Solution: Access the contents of your Samsung Family Hub™ via the cameras installed. Yes, with three built-in interior cameras that take a photo when you close the door, the Samsung Family Hub™ lets you peek into your refrigerator to check its contents at anytime and from anywhere — no more wild guesses. 

3. Having problems keeping track of the expiry dates of items in your fridge?  

Solution: With the Food List function on the View Inside app, you can now create a description of each item and set expiration notifications to keep food fresh. This way, you can plan ahead and know when to go grocery shopping. Plus, you won’t have to drag a mouldy packet of some long-forgotten food out of your fridge ever again.

Ensuring that the air in your fridge is mould-free and fresh is important to the health of your food. In order to do that, it’s as simple as ensuring that the stored food is not expired and they are packaged securely in the right compartments. The Samsung Family Hub™ fridge has a Triple Cooling System to keep your food fresher for longer and also a Flex Zone compartment, capable of switching between four different settings – frozen, soft freeze, meat & fish, cheese & vegetables or white wine depending on what you want to put in it.

4. In need of inspiration as to what to cook for the next meal? 


Solution: Access countless recipes with the Family Hub’s pre-loaded Allrecipes, Tasty and Club des Chefs apps.

You will never run out of ideas with Allrecipes’ huge number of recipes which are posted by the app’s very enthusiastic community. Here, you will find recipes typically accompanied by pictures, videos, user ratings and reviews.

Meanwhile, Tasty will show video instructions to guide you through the preparations of a new dish, while Club des Chefs lets you find recipes by Michelin-starred chefs.

5. Wait. Who’s coming home for dinner tonight?


Solution: Instantly check the calendar on your fridge that syncs every family member’s schedule, including what’s on their smartphones. Then, send the family’s fussy eater a note to tell him or her what you’re thinking of cooking for dinner. With the Samsung Family Hub™, you can create a profile for each family member so everyone has an avatar and can send personalised notes and to-do lists, and share their calendars and important events. The whole family can touch base anytime, anywhere.

Family Hub™ features require an internet connection and the Family Hub™ app. Family Hub™ app is compatible with Android 4.4 and later or iOS 9.1 and later. Apps and services are subject to change without notice. Data usage fees may apply.