Sad to see Sungei Road flea market go

Surprising finds can be had at the Sungei Road flea market.
Surprising finds can be had at the Sungei Road flea market.ST PHOTO: NIVASH JOYVIN

As someone who visits the Sungei Road flea market regularly on weekends, I read with sadness that its days are numbered (Turning Trash To Treasure, Life, Nov 13).

Shopping at a flea market is unlike shopping anywhere else in the world.

One does not go with a fixed agenda. One goes to absorb the atmosphere, make impulsive purchases or strike bargains.

The offerings at this market never fail to surprise me. I love to buy mechanical watches and clocks, take them home and try to fix them.

I derive immense happiness while trying to repair the watches and have no regrets if I do not succeed.

After all, I spent only a few dollars on the item and its components will go into my inventory of spare parts or become raw material for steampunk artworks.


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Over the years, I have also made quite a few friends there.

If I do not visit the market for two weeks, some vendors even inquire where I had been.

It is heart-warming that folks remember you.

I hope an alternate and bigger site is found for this market, though it would still be best if circumstances could change to allow the market to flourish in its present location.

Swaminathan Panchapagesan

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