Rock stars of the world

Melissa Heng checks out the designs from four regions on show at the Singapore JewelFest

Italy: Ring with white and brown diamonds in 18K white gold (left, $6,470), ring with white and black diamonds in 18K white gold (right, $3,360) both by Orital. PHOTOS: SINGAPORE JEWELFEST
Italy: Yellow sapphire ring, price unavailable, by Annamaria Cammilli.
Italy: Earrings with morganites, aquamarines and diamonds in 18K white gold, price $77,822, by Giovannetti Gioielli.
Italy: Emerald and diamond necklace, price unavailable, by Leonori Gioielli.
Italy: Diamond bubbles bracelet, price unavailable, by Rota e Rota.
Italy: Diamond necklace, price $145,000, by Zydo.
Italy: Ring with coral, white diamonds and black diamonds in 18K white gold, price unavailable, Oro Trend.
Italy: Necklace with natural tanzanite and diamonds set in 18K white gold, price unavailable, by Massimo Raiteri.
Germany: Diamond pendant worth 3.2 carats in 18K white gold, $11,118, by German label Stenzhorn.
Germany: Paraiba tourmaline bracelet with Rolling Diamond technology, price unavailable, by Heinz Mayer.
Germany: Cocoon necklace with pods of 18K rose gold, $18,750, by Erich Zimmermann.
Germany: Rosewood gold necklace, $16,998, by Niessing.
Germany: Buddha diamond set in glass pendant in 18K white gold, $7,008, by Buddha Diamonds.
Middle East: Sapphire and diamond bracelet, price unavailable, by Arts & Gems.
Middle East: Yellow and white diamond earrings in 18K white and yellow gold, price unavailable, by Yoel Deil Diamonds.
Middle East: Diamond bands, price unavailable, by Gemayel Jewellery.
Middle East: Diamond necklace worth 12.21 carats in 18K gold, price unavailable, by Renee Jewellers.
The Americas: Emerald earrings, price unavailable, by American label Morcha.
The Americas: Necklace with garnets, citrines, blue topaz, iolite, diamonds, quartz and Tahitian pearls, $56,300, by Brazilian label Yael Sonia.
The Americas: Plumes du Paradis diamond and sapphire suite, price unavailable, by American label Mouawad.
The Americas: Ring with 3.62 carat diamond in 18K white gold, price unavailable, by American label S.J. Solitaire Jewels.
The Americas: Diamond heart pendant worth 2.38 carats, $4,340, by American label Mordechai Collection.

1 Italy

What is special about Italian jewellery: Italy has a tradition of craft and artistry for fine jewellery that dates back to the 18th century. Ms Angela Loh, Singapore JewelFest festival director, said this is what sets their jewellery apart.

"Over the years, their craft has evolved into contemporary styles that are modern yet maintain the European country's rich heritage," said Ms Loh.

What you need to know: There are eight labels from Italy taking part in JewelFest.

Annamaria Cammilli, Orital, Rota e Rota, Zydo and Oro Trend are all well-known labels which have presented their works at the festival before.

Three labels - Leonori Gioielli, Massimo Raiteri and Giovannetti Gioielli - are taking part for the first time.

Leonori Gioielli, founded in 1962, is known for its intricate designs and attention to detail.

Massimo Raiteri's designs are inspired by emotion, poetry and art. Each collection reinterprets geometric shapes, lines and colours.

The brand also takes a strong stand against blood diamonds: It ensures that every piece comes from areas free from any conflict, does not involve illegal trafficking and workers extracting their diamonds are offered fair work environments.

Giovannetti Gioielli specialises in producing feminine and fashionable pieces, with an emphasis on colours.

2 Germany

What is special about German jewellery: German jewellers are known for harnessing the latest technology to create their jewellery designs.

"Conceptual design, impeccable precision and engineering are the hallmark of German fine jewellery that is iconic in its subtle elegance," said Ms Angela Loh, Singapore JewelFest festival director.

For example, jeweller Heinz Mayer has a patent for its Rolling Diamond technology, an innovation which sets diamonds in moving parts on hand-made jewellery.

What you need to know: Seven jewellers from Germany have been brought in for this year's JewelFest.

Buddha Diamonds, Hans D. Krieger Fine Jewellery, Heinz Mayer, Niessing and Stenzhorn are returning labels while Erich Zimmermann and Esvara Viva are first-timers to the festival.

Buddha Diamonds, as its name suggests, has patented Buddha-cut diamonds, which are sculpted and cut in-house from a single rough diamond.

The patented cut takes the classic form of the spiritual sage, sitting cross-legged with his palms placed together. It takes 10 times longer to cut as compared to a regular diamond.

Erich Zimmermann is another brand to look out for as an example of designs made using German engineering. Its Cocoon collection, an award-winning series, is known for its voluminous yet lightweight pieces, such as a rose gold necklace that features a string of leaf-shaped segments.

3 Middle East

What is special about Middle Eastern jewellery: Jewellers there draw from a rich history of techniques and cultures from various parts of the region. Influences range from ancient sculptures to oriental symbolism.

"The mystique and classic opulence of the Middle East is the alluring element in the design and craftsmanship of the jewellery brands from this region," said Ms Angela Loh, Singapore JewelFest festival director.

What you need to know: Four labels from the Middle East are participating in this year's JewelFest.

Gemayel Jewellery from Lebanon, and Arts & Gems and Renee Jewellers - both from the United Arab Emirates - have presented their collections at previous JewelFests.

Yoel Deil Diamonds from Israel will be showcasing its designs for the first time.

The Israeli brand, which has been around for three generations, specialises in diamonds of all colours.

Another recognised label, Arts & Gems, was established in Dubai in 1970 and is one of Dubai's oldest jewellery stores. Its classic pieces, such as a wide sapphire and diamond bracelet, draw from traditional cultural influences and patterns.

4 The Americas

What is special about jewellery from this region: Jewellers from this part of the world love drama and glamour.

"The attraction and prestige of the red carpet is evident in American jewellery design, which are gloriously created and inspired by runway trends. Even classic looks hold an element of drama," said Ms Angela Loh, Singapore JewelFest festival director.

For example, American brand Mordechai Collection has designs that call to mind the vintage glamour seen in the film The Great Gatsby (2013), starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

What you need to know: There are five labels from the Americas taking part in JewelFest this year.

Four are returning brands: Yael Sonia from Brazil and American labels Mordechai Collection, S.J. Solitaire Jewels and Mouawad.

American brand Morcha will take part for the first time.

The most famous among these is Mouawad, which has acquired some of the largest and rarest diamonds from around the globe. The label has been worn by celebrities, such as actress Eva Longoria, supermodel Naomi Campbell and reality star Kim Kardashian.

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