Reading book before movie allows imagination to run free

I refer to Ms Akshita Nanda's column Watch It First, Then Flip The Pages (Life, Sept 19). My approach is the opposite. I prefer reading the book first as it gives me a chance to imagine the world and characters on my own terms. I can delve deeper into the plot and understand the characters' motivations better. I create a personal movie version, albeit in black and white.

Watching the film afterwards then allows me to compare mine with the director's interpretation, add faces to my imagined characters and colours and sound to my imagined world - basically complete the movie I had in my mind.

For the few instances where I chose to watch the movie first, I usually end up not reading the book. Any questions I might have will be answered by Google or Wikipedia. The excitement I derive from letting my imagination run loose is mostly gone.

Kenneth Barrientos


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