Put a lid on competitive eating

I read with disgust Chomping To Win (Life, May 29), about eating competitions organised by malls and restaurants to draw crowds.

There are many reasons to discourage these contests.

First, it puts one's health in question, especially with the rise in diabetes and obesity in Singapore.

Second, these contests encourage gluttony, which is ugly behaviour that should be avoided in a gracious society.

Aw Foong Chen

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Competitive eating is not a sport. Sports are physical activities that lead to better health. Competitive eating requires contestants to ingest harmful amounts of food.

The long-term health risks associated with this "sport" are diabetes, obesity, stroke, oesophageal damage and heart failure.

Some argue that if people wish to eat dangerous amounts of food and damage their bodies, they have the right to do so. True, but they do not need to be rewarded for it.

Francis Cheng

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