#PopVultures Podcast: Celebrities in hot soup over novel coronavirus outbreak

(From left) Christine Fan, Dee Hsu and Barbie Hsu.
(From left) Christine Fan, Dee Hsu and Barbie Hsu.PHOTO: UNIVERSAL MUSIC SINGAPORE, ST FILE, MY PAPER

TAP/CLICK TO LISTEN: #PopVultures Ep 20: Celebrities in hot soup over novel coronavirus outbreak

20:48 mins

Synopsis: A podcast by The Straits Times that examines all the ins and outs of pop culture, be it Asian entertainment or Hollywood.

This week, the #PopVultures sound off on the celebrities mired in controversy due to the novel coronavirus outbreak that began in Wuhan.

Taiwanese singer Christine Fan was criticised after she lashed out at Taiwan's policy of halting surgical masks exports for a month, calling it inhumane. Taiwanese netizens criticised her for her eagerness to help China, despite keeping quiet about how Taiwan is still shut out of the World Health Organization due to Beijing's objections. 

Jan Lee and Yeo Sam Jo explain how the controversy blew up, share their differing opinions on the saga, dive a little into Fan's history (of saying the wrong things at the wrong time) and Singapore's own history with severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars).

They also talk about how the novel coronavirus outbreak has been received around the world and the somewhat muted and often racist response to it overseas, especially when contrasted with how the Australian bushfires inspired an outpouring of support from Hollywood celebrities. 

Tune in to the #PopVultures and to all our listeners: Stay safe, wash your hands, seek medical attention and wear a mask when you are ill. 

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