K-pop scandal

Police seek arrest warrant for Seungri


SEOUL• Seungri has been questioned 17 times since the K-pop scandal broke in January, sparking speculation that it was only a matter of time before he was arrested.

Yesterday, the police finally requested an arrest warrant for the former BigBang singer over allegations that he procured prostitutes for potential investors in his businesses and misappropriated funds belonging to nightclub Burning Sun.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency also sought an arrest warrant for Yoo In-suk, chief executive of Yuri Holdings which he co-founded with Seungri.

Yoo is said to have committed the same offences as Seungri, reported The Korea Herald.

Seungri, 28, is suspected of procuring prostitutes for parties he organised in 2015 and 2017, siphoning funds from Burning Sun to Yuri Holdings, and sharing a nude photo of a woman which was taken without her consent.

The K-pop scandal has seen various artists making headlines for misdeeds, from police bribery to tax evasion. Singer Jung Joon-young, 30, has been arrested for sharing illegal footage - of women in sex acts - in a chatroom whose members included Seungri.

Singer Park Yoo-chun, 32, has been nabbed over drug use.

Earlier yesterday, a hearing over an arrest-warrant request for a police officer suspected of receiving bribes was held at the Seoul Central District Court. He is said to have helped Burning Sun settle cases of admitting minors to the club.

The media recently indicated that Seungri's arrest was imminent after Yoo told the police that sexual services were offered to a group of Japanese investors who stayed at a ritzy Seoul hotel in 2015.

Seungri told the police that he paid only for a three-day hotel stay.

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