Pippa Middleton's wedding demand 'ridiculous'

LONDON • With five days to go till the wedding of Pippa Middleton, many guests may still have a headache finding the right clothes to wear to the high-profile occasion.

Talk on social media has zeroed in on the 350 guests, at the Saturday wedding, in St Mark's Church in England, who were supposedly asked to take along a second outfit for the reception after the ceremony, reported Vogue magazine.

While it is common for brides to opt for something more comfortable and informal for the latter part of their big day, most commentators said it is ridiculous and over the top to ask guests to dress up twice for the occasion - even if the 33-year-old bride is the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge.

As one writer on Twitter said, "it's hard enough to nail the perfect outfit for a high-profile, society wedding, let alone two".

Cost is one thing but, as The Telegraph wondered, where and how can so many people do a sartorial change, given that the venue is not big?

Despite rumours that Middleton, a socialite and writer, has banned any guest who is single to show up with a partner, she has bent the rules for Prince Harry.

He is turning up with his girlfriend, American actress Meghan Markle, noted the AOL website.

With talk of an impending engagement with the Prince, according to E! News, Markle is understandably nervous over not fluffing her lines on Saturday.

She has had two fittings to fine-tune her outfit and, according to an insider, will wear a hat for the formal ceremony.

As for Middleton, she reportedly had her wedding dress altered several times because she has lost some weight over the past six months.

She and hedge fund manager James Matthews, 41, will exchange vows in a ceremony estimated to cost £250,000 (S$449,317) - 10 times the British average.

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