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How to choose the correct moisturiser


Finding out how oily your skin is will help in the selection

How do I choose the correct moisturiser for my skin type?

The first thing you want to do is identify your skin type, which Ms Jodi Ayre, corporate trainer for skincare brand Dermalogica, says is the level of oil on the skin.

That will help you select an appropriate moisturiser.

Those with oily skin will usually have visible pores in the T-zone and cheeks, so you get an oily shine throughout the day. This does not mean you do not need to moisturise.

"With oily skin, some people just want to get all the oil off for super clean skin, but that also strips off hydration."

Look out for moisturisers that are lightweight and have antioxidants that work to hydrate the skin. Gel types are good as they are not too heavy.

For dry skin, where skin typically feels tighter and there are more fine lines around the eye area, a thicker, creamier moisturiser is needed.

Ms Ayre says: "You want a heavier and more nourishing moisturiser to really lock the moisture into the skin."

For combination skin - an oily T-zone and dry cheeks - a light yet creamy moisturiser with balancing ingredients is what you need.

She says that it is also good to remember that skin conditions can change depending on the environment.

In drier environments, such as on a long-haul flight or in a cold climate, you might want to use a heavier, more hydrating product.

Here are some products to try:

1. Hydro Boost Water Gel, $20.90, from Neutrogena, available at major personal stores and supermarkets

A lightweight oil-free gel moisturiser that absorbs quickly and is suitable for oily skin.

2. Water Bank Moisture Cream, $52, from all Laneige boutiques

A rich creamy formula that targets dry skin. It contains quinoa extract, which the label says relieves dryness and strengthens the skin's barrier.

3. Super Multi-Corrective Cream, $95, from Kiehl's stores

A fragrance- and paraben-free formula that is suitable for sensitive skin.

The label claims that ingredients such as beech-tree extract and jasmonic acid help to improve the skin's overall firmness.

4. Skin Smoothing Cream, $121 for 100ml, $86 for 50ml, from Dermalogica, available at AsterSpring and Dermalogica salons

A medium-weight cream that is suitable for dry skin. This nutrient-rich formula claims to relieve tightness in the skin and smoothen skin texture.

5. Hydra-Matte Lotion, $60, from Clarins counters

A non-oily and non-sticky daily moisturiser for combination skin. The label says the formula helps regulate oil production and tighten pores.

6. Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion Light, $22.90, from Hada Labo, available at major supermarkets, pharmacies and selected department stores

Great for oily skin, this light liquid moisturiser comes with a formula that absorbs easily.

The label says that the lotion balances the skin's oil to water ratio, which helps to reduce excess oil secretion.

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