Park Yoo-chun arrested after positive drug test

SEOUL • K-pop singer Park Yoo-chun has long denied that he supplied drugs to former fiancee Hwang Ha-na and claimed that he never took drugs himself.

When a video surfaced recently, allegedly showing him picking up a drug package at a quiet location after he had wired money to a dealer's bank account, he said he did this only as a favour for Hwang, 31, a socialite.

He claimed he had no knowledge of whom he was sending money to or what was in the package.

But the truth has caught up with Park, 32, after a hair test returned a positive drug result.

The Korea Herald said the police received the finding from the National Forensic Service on Monday and are seeking an arrest warrant in a bid to prevent him from destroying any incriminating evidence.

The hair sample, taken from his leg, was collected on April 16.

While a urine test can detect drug-taking within a few days of the activity, a hair test can trace evidence from as far back as 90 days.


Hwang has been arrested.

Fearful of the damage to its reputation, Park's agency has now cut ties with the singer.

Park has indicated his intention to bow out of the industry, joining four others, including BigBang singer Seungri, 28, and FT Island member Choi Jong-hoon, 29, whose misdeeds ranged from procuring prostitutes to police bribery.

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