Other ways to de-stress

Do not be a victim of the colouring book craze.

Colouring books for adults are starting to be popular (Flying Colours, Life, Dec 8) and their champions claim the books help people "de-stress and self-express".


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According to them, colouring helps one achieve mindfulness, banish anxiety and even deal with trauma. Some of the books label themselves "art therapy".

What a load of rubbish.

Donna Betts, president of the board of the American Art Therapy Association and an assistant professor at George Washington University, said she has never used colouring books in a therapy session and would never consider it.

Any activity or hobby that you are passionate about will help take your mind off your troubles. Sure, colouring could be one, but so is scrubbing the floor or helping out at an old folks' home.

Dr Michael Loh

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