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The Gain City BTO Group Buy is a great place for new homeowners to furnish their shiny new apartment. In this three-part interview series, satisfied customers share their experiences with Gain City, from customer service, to its megastore’s amenities, to its jaw-dropping prices.

"Interacting with the staff here is very different. I really feel like they care about you," said Mdm Nor Fazeera Abdullah.
"Interacting with the staff here is very different. I really feel like they care about you," said Mdm Nor Fazeera Abdullah.PHOTO: SPH CONTENT LAB

What made you first decide to visit the Gain City Megastore @ Sungei Kadut?

Dani: Actually, it’s a bit of a silly reason. You know when you take the MRT from Kranji to Yew Tee, it’s a very long ride, and so sometimes you look up from your handphone and just watch the scenery pass by. And there’s always this one building that stands out from the rest. It’s really much taller than everything else around it. You can’t help but be curious about it, you know?

Fazeera: It lights up with all these different colours at night, too, so it’s really eye-catching. I guess one weekend we just got too curious, so we packed up the boys, got on the train, and… that was that.

Why do you visit the Megastore so often?

Fazeera: Honestly, the main reason is that it’s got everything we could ever want on a day out. There are two different places to eat here, and they are both certified halal by MUIS (the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore).

Sometimes the megastore plays movies outside on these big LCD screens, like Minions. The kids love it. The store also has these battery-powered animal rides that the kids can ride around on, so they don’t get too tired from walking, and a play area upstairs. It’s really convenient: you can just leave them there to play while you do your shopping. Actually, it can be quite hard to get them to leave!

Dani: It’s also easy to get here from our place in Yishun because there’s a shuttle bus that comes to Yew Tee station every 8 minutes or so. And it runs all the way till 10pm, so you can stay here quite late — which sometimes happens because, like [Fazeera] said, the kids don’t want to leave, you know.

Honestly, we would come here during the New Year celebrations too, to attend the year-end BBQ party from the top floor, but sadly the food isn’t halal. But I’ve heard it’s really wonderful — you look out, you can see the sunset, you can see Johor Bahru from the observation deck. The view from the top is really something.

So why else would you recommend Gain City?

Dani: Two things: the discounts, and the service. When we got here one day, we saw people signing up for the BTO group-buy at the counter, and we were quite curious. Singaporeans, very kiasu, you know? When we see people queue, we just have to follow. And let me tell you, it was one of the best decisions we ever made. Between the discounts and vouchers we got from the group buy, we saved over $2,000 on our furnishing and appliances! We got a washing machine, a heat-pump dryer, a fridge, a bed, a sofa, a chest of drawers, and a wardrobe. You can’t find these kinds of prices anywhere else.

And the service at Gain City is just different from other places, you know? When we bought our Four Star bed and mattress, we wanted to replace the headboard lining with a washable fabric coating — the same one that was on our Faye sofa. The mattress salesperson actually personally went down to the sofa company to enquire about getting a custom lining done for us. I couldn’t believe it. That’s Gain City service for you.

Fazeera: Interacting with the staff here is very different. I really feel like they care about you. Sometimes we just come here to browse and admire the home theatre setups, and the salespeople will approach us to explain anything we don’t understand. Even if we tell them that we’re just looking, they always assure us that we can approach them if we have any questions.

Do you see yourself coming back to the Megastore in future?

Fazeera: Oh, definitely. We’ve been thinking of upgrading our camera setup for our family food vlogs. Maybe get a mirrorless camera like the Canon EOS M6, and a gimbal for better stabilization.

Dani: So long as the kids want to come back, we’ll come back. And believe me, they want to come back. Isn’t that right, Aish?

The AOX Lite 2 and Igloohome Transparent Mortise are two items on promotion at the Gain City BTO Group Buy. PHOTO: GAIN CITY

Register for Gain City’s BTO Group Buy and receive a 1-year Great Eastern HomeCover voucher, eight months’ free fibre broadband from Singtel, and $100 in Gain City vouchers when you spend $2,000 and above at the Group Buy with the OCBC Cashflo credit card.

Better yet, get a free $100 Home & Living voucher for every $1,000 spent on any electronic appliances at all Gain City BTO events. Home & Living vouchers are redeemable against all furniture and mattresses at Gain City Megastore @ Sungei Kadut only. Terms and conditions apply.

Plus, if you find anything you’ve purchased at the BTO Group Buy for a cheaper price elsewhere, return to Gain City with your receipt and proof of the lower price, and you will be refunded the difference, subject to terms and conditions.

Register for the Gain City BTO Group Buy and stand to enjoy a discount of $300 on all AOX Natural water dispensers, plus free gifts worth $600 in total. With every purchase of an AOX-3900 dispenser, receive an award-winning TT Tap 2 worth $300. The first 10 AOX customers will receive two free medical-grade silicon water bottles, worth $70. 

BTO Group Buy registrants can also enjoy 15 per cent off all Igloohome smart locks, exclusively at Gain City Ang Mo Kio's BTO Group Buy.

Gain City’s BTO Group Buy takes place at various days of the week, including the Gain City Megastore @ Sungei Kadut, and their Ang Mo Kio, Tampines 1 and Marina Square showrooms. Entry by registration only. Save your spot here.