Not your usual skinny beer

Tiger Silver is a full-taste lager that is 24% lower in calories

24% off your mortgage.
24% off your car loan.
24% off your waistline.
24% off your weight.

What an awesome Christmas and New Year this season would be if we could tick off those items, huh?

I don’t have any useful suggestions for the first two, except to say: work harder, and try to get into his good books.

As for the third and fourth aspirations, you are in luck.

Specifically, beer lovers are in luck. Even more specifically, health-loving, weight-watching, selfie-taking beer lovers are in luck.

Tiger Beer has launched its first low-calorie lager, Tiger Silver.

The new brew is, yes, 24% lower in calories than the average beer in each 320ml sleek can.

And Tiger Silver has achieved this without really sacrificing 24% of the goodness of beer.

So it gives you a great full taste instead of something that might be mistaken for a training-wheels beer for the uninitiated.

Even beer lovers who are determined to keep their New Year’s resolution to keep fit — yes, this year, finally! — don’t want to compromise on taste, or else what’s the point? Might as well drink camomile tea, right?

Ah, but Tiger Silver is far from camo-MILD. Close your eyes, do a blind taste-test… chances are you can’t tell the difference. It goes down the gullet oh-so-smoothly. A lower-calorie beer — perfect for humid days.

And yet, at 24% lower in calories, Tiger Silver is also ideal for those camomile-sipping, yoga-practising, sundog-bending Fitspo gurus who want to let loose a little this holiday season.

Grab a six-pack or two of Tiger Silver while you can — it is only available at super and hypermarts till January.

You want to party, you want to sing Auld Lang Syne with beer-fuelled gusto, and you also want to look Instagram-hot.

It’s an easy decision to make, isn’t it? Specifically, 24% easier.