No politics for Cher, Katy Perry sleeps in: 10 celebrities' reactions to Trump's inauguration

Rihanna reacted to Mr Trump's inauguration by posting a picture of Mr Obama on Instagram, calling it the worst break-up ever.
Rihanna reacted to Mr Trump's inauguration by posting a picture of Mr Obama on Instagram, calling it the worst break-up ever.PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/BADGALRIRI

United States President Donald Trump had some trouble getting celebrities to perform at his inauguration.

As the 70-year-old was sworn in as the 45th US President on Friday US time (Saturday, Jan 21 Singapore time), celebrities were tweeting their responses to the event.

Here is a round-up of what some of them said on social media.

1. Chrissy Teigen goes the sarcastic route

Model and wife of American crooner John Legend Chrissy Teigen was on a roll on Saturday, shooting tweet after tweet about the inauguration.

She wrote snidely that "America is great again all of a sudden it's so weird. He was right!"

The 31-year-old former Sports Illustrated model added that this "is either the best day or the worst day".

2. Katy Perry 'sleeps in'

US pop singer Katy Perry, 32, who has been vocal about her dislike for Mr Trump, tweeted that she was "sleeping in".

She followed this with another tweet announcing that she would be marching in the Women's March, a march for women's rights in Washington to protest the "rhetoric of the past election cycle" that "has insulted, demonised and threatened many of us", according to the official Women's March website.

3. Steven Seagal calls Mr Trump a president for the people

Actor and martial artist Steven Seagal, popular in the 1990s for his action films, presented a different view.

The 64-year-old congratulated Mr Trump, lauding his speech and saying how proud he was to "finally have a president for the people".

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger keeps it neutral

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger sent out a two-pronged tweet thanking the outgoing Mr Obama and wishing Mr Trump "good luck".

It could be seen as barbed, however, as the 69-year-old former governor of California had come to verbal blows with the President on Twitter over a reality show.

Schwarzenegger hosts The New Celebrity Apprentice, a show formerly fronted by Mr Trump.

Mr Trump fired shots at Schwarzenegger's hosting abilities in early January, with the latter retorting that "there's nothing more important than the people's work".

5. Michael Keaton focuses on tractors instead

Batman and Beetlejuice star Michael Keaton chose to point out "awesome" tractors in the inaugural parade instead of making a plain political statement.

The 65-year-old had previously ranted about Mr Trump on CNN, comparing him to McDonald's founder Ray Croc, whom Keaton said did "some things towards the end that were unscrupulous".

6. Rihanna posts 'break-up' photo

While some celebrities focused on the incoming President, others bid their goodbyes to Mr Obama, who exited the White House after two terms.

Singer Rihanna, 28, posted a photo of the former president on her Instagram page, captioning it: "worst breakup ever".

7. Leonardo DiCaprio thanks Obama for protecting the planet

Recent Oscar winner and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio tweeted a thank you to Mr Obama for "all you've done to protect our planet".

He added that he was looking forward to things to come from the Obama Foundation, a new endeavour by the Obamas that will be based in Chicago and which facilitate projects "all over the city, the country and the world".

8. Kim Kardashian 'will miss Mr Obama'

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian posted a series of photos with the outgoing president, saying that he "will be missed".

In a photo of herself with Mr Obama, along with husband rapper Kanye West and daughter North West, the 36-year-old shared that the former president had given North "White House M&M's", which Kardashian kept instead of giving to North.

9. Beyonce goes for brevity

Pop royalty Beyonce posted a photo of Mr Obama with his wife Michelle, with a simple caption: "Thank you."

The 35-year-old wife of rapper Jay Z had been chummy with the Obamas, performing several times for the pair, including singing the national anthem at Mr Obama's 2013 inauguration of his second term as president.

Thank you.
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Thank you.

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10. Cher to stay off politics for a week

Perhaps the 70-year-old singer Cher, who has been noted for her unique style of tweeting, put it most succinctly.

"No politics for one week," she told her more than 3.2 million followers.

This was after a typical long, rambling tweet in caps condemning the people who "destroyed property" in protests at the inauguration.

Cher had spoken at an anti-Trump rally in Manhattan on Thursday (Jan 19) night, calling him an "unbelievable narcissist".

She was joined by other celebrities including actors Robert De Niro, Mark Ruffalo and Alec Baldwin.

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