Netflix promises 'fitting end' to House Of Cards

BEVERLY HILLS (California) • Netflix has promised a "fitting end" to its acclaimed political drama House Of Cards, but would not say on Sunday how the series had written out scandal-tainted star Kevin Spacey.

House Of Cards put Netflix on the map as a home for original entertainment when the series debuted in 2013, starring Spacey as conniving politician Frank Underwood.

The show's final season centres on Robin Wright, who plays Frank's devious wife Claire.

"We're really proud of the show, and it's a fitting end," Ms Cindy Holland, vice-president of original series at Netflix, said in response to questions at a Television Critics Association event where networks promoted upcoming shows.

"We always planned for season six to be the final season and we are proud of the work of Robin" and the rest of the cast and crew, she added.

The company has not yet set a release date. House Of Cards upended television when Netflix released the first season's episodes all at once to encourage online "binge viewing".

In November last year, Netflix cut ties with Spacey after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced. He has been accused by more than 20 men and has said nothing publicly about the allegations since an apology to the first accuser in October.

Five years after Netflix's gamble with House Of Cards, it plans to release about 700 original television series, movies and other types of programming this year.

The sheer volume has led to questions over whether it can maintain quality. "Quality and quantity are not mutually exclusive," Ms Holland said.

"We are maintaining quality as we grow by hiring brilliant talent who are passionate about the stories they want to tell and giving them creative space."

She also addressed complaints from some producers that their work can get lost in the flood of Netflix programming. She said the company devises a marketing plan for each show and is one of the biggest online advertisers in the world.

She added that the best way to reach viewers was by Netflix's promotion of the shows when people turn on the service.


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