National Museum unveils video installation by director Royston Tan on Lee Kuan Yew's death anniversary

SINGAPORE - A new video installation by director Royston Tan has been added to the National Museum of Singapore's We Built A Nation exhibit. 

The installation, titled A Moment Of Unity, is a short film that recaps the week of national mourning last year after founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew died on March 23. Presented in black-and-white and across three screens, the film uses images captured on the ground by photographers. 

Tan said: "The inspiration behind this video installation, and actually behind the success of Singapore, is our people. I feel that, when Mr Lee passed, and people came together to pay him tribute, and stood together as one, it really reflected the Singapore spirit.

"So, for this installation, I selected photographs that reflected the outpouring of emotions. The installation itself, using modern technology, give the photographs a new life. I hope that this installation not only honours a great man, but also uplifts our spirit and prepares us to face our future together”.

We Built A Nation, which opened at the National Museum on Sept 24, 2015, showcases 115 artefacts which help tell the story of Singapore's first decade of independence. Many of Mr Lee's personal belongings are on display in the exhibit, including his writing desk and his Malay and Hokkien textbooks. 

Another new addition to the display is an artillery shell casing from the 21-gun salute during Mr Lee's state funeral procession. The shell casing was donated by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. 

Both the video installation and the shell casing will be presented at the National Museum's Concourse Gallery from Wednesday (March 23) to Oct 2.