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Zhuo Zihao (main photo), 35, is an independent dancer and choreographer, and a Young Artist Award winner in 2012.

Some of his recent works include Change & Constancy at the Auckland Arts Festival 2016 with New Zealand dance company Black Grace and T.H.E Dance Company's tour performance of Organised Chaos as part of the Yokohama Dance Collection.

He lives with his wife, dancer Yarra Ileto, 34, in an HDB flat in the north. They have no children. They will be performing in Helix by T.H.E Dance Company on May 20 and 21 at 8pm at the School of the Arts Drama Theatre. Tickets can be purchased at

Do you have a regular weekend?

Since I started freelancing, my timing has been flexible, so I don't have a fixed work week.

For dancers, it's a fine balance - you need rest, but you can't stop moving. On weekends, you do something light and easy because if you rest for too long, your muscles take longer to get back into shape.

What are your favourite places?

I don't really have a place I like to go to. I'm a homebody. My favourite place at home is the toilet (laughs). Somehow, when I'm alone there - showering, for example - ideas just jump into my head.

What are your interests?

I have always liked origami. Now, I'm also interested in photography and videography. The past few years, I've been trying to film dance videos. As an independent artist, I've initiated a project called Dance In Situ, which is a site-specific dance performance project that incorporates dance and videography.

What is your perfect weekend?

A perfect weekend would mean I have time to relax and do something really light and easy.

Right now, I spend a lot of spare time trying to catch up on tiny things such as organising my stuff. When there are many events, my things would be all over the place.

Where would you go?

There are many places I want to go to, but I like places with nature. I want to go to a tiny island with a beautiful seaside, and a quiet and secluded area.

If you could spend time with anyone during the weekend, who would it be?

I would want to spend time with my family, firstly, and then friends - to take a break and catch up with them.

I have a lot of friends I've not met for a long time. They all have routine jobs, while I'm the one with the odd hours. Every time they ask me out, I would say things like, "Sorry cannot, got production".

Recently, a few of my friends celebrated their birthdays. I saw their Facebook posts and was quite disappointed I couldn't join them.

Brina Tan

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