My Weekend

Presenter Edward Russell usually plays football on Friday evenings.
Presenter Edward Russell usually plays football on Friday evenings.PHOTO: COURTESY OF EDWARD RUSSELL

Work tends to spill into Fox Sports Asia presenter Edward Russell's weekends due to the nature of his job.

As part of the Fox Sports News (Singtel TV Channel 117 and StarHub TV Channel 207) team delivering the latest scores, highlights and round-the-clock updates, the 26-year-old could be busy in the recording studio till the wee hours or reporting live from a sporting event.

Russell was born in London to a British father and a Singaporean mother. They moved to Australia when he was 12.

He lives with his girlfriend in an apartment in Novena.

Busy or free and easy: How do you like your weekends?

Since I work many weekends, I prefer to take it slow when I have time off.

What do you do for leisure?

Usually on Friday evenings, my friends and I book a pitch at Home United Youth Football Academy in Mattar Road and play a match.

On a lazy Sunday, I take a leisurely stroll to MacRitchie Reservoir, which is close to my place, and either jog or take on the TreeTop Walk.

Otherwise, evenings are spent going out for a nice meal and drinks.

Which restaurants are on your hit list?

I'm a big wine and cheese guy, so I head to the Wine Connection Cheese Bar on Robertson Walk. It imports quite a lot of different types of cheeses from Europe that you might not find elsewhere, such as raclette from Switzerland.

Another place is winebar O'Batignolles on Club Street. I like places where you can go alfresco. It's great to just chill with a bottle of wine and watch the world go by with a group of friends.

If you could hang out with anybody for a weekend, who would it be?

Former Arsenal footballer Thierry Henry. I'm a huge Arsenal fan and he is one of the true legends.

I would invite him to play a match with us on Fridays.

What's your idea of a perfect weekend?

I can't complain about the weekends I have currently. Sure, they aren't perfect, but I'm pretty happy with how they go.

Gurveen Kaur

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