My Weekend

Illustrator Candice Phang

Illustrator Candice Phang, better known as Puffingmuffin, is one of the artists involved in the annual youth arts festival PressPlay, a series of free arts programmes conducted at public libraries.

Phang, 33, will participate in The Great Sticker Swap next Saturday, where she will give away exclusive sticker sheets consisting of 10 stickers designed by participants she had mentored during an earlier sticker-making workshop, one designed by her and a blank one for patrons to create their own sticker.

Organised by the National Library Board, PressPlay ( runs till March 19, when it culminates with LastPlay at the Central Public Library, an after-hours series of programmes including workshops, an exhibition and musical performances by local singers Charlie Lim and iNCH.

Phang lives in a five-room flat in Sembawang with her parents and is engaged to an architectural photographer.

What are weekends like for you: busy or chill?

Since I don't have a proper nine- to-five day job, my weekends are not a highlight as I can do some of the non-work activities during the week too.

So, while there are some weekends when I'm working, they are pretty much about me lazing around or spending time with friends and family.

Any must-do activities during your downtime?

Catching up on all of my favourite television shows. I'm currently into The Big Bang Theory, Vampire Diaries, 2 Broke Girls, How To Get Away With Murder and Pretty Little Liars.

Where is a regular weekend haunt?

My friends and I like to meet and draw at Toby's Estate, a cafe near Robertson Quay, three to four times a month. I love its coffee and brioche. There is a large table in the middle - perfect for us to spread out our art materials and draw. Of course, we try to be considerate and won't take up the whole table. We can spend an afternoon there easily.

What's a destination you like for an overseas weekend getaway?

Ubud in Bali. I went there once last year and it's a very nice place, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can stay in a villa right next to a padi field, the food and transport are cheap, and it is rich in arts and culture, with lots of craft workshops and artists selling beautiful works.

What's a perfect day off for you?

To be able to do everything I want in bed, whether it is to eat, shower or watch shows. Can you tell how much I love staying in bed?

Gurveen Kaur

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