My Weekend

Joshua Simon.

ONE FM 91.3 deejay Joshua Simon co-hosts Reality Check With Josh And Jill from 8pm to midnight on weekdays. The 25-year-old is a musician on the side. His YouTube channel, which hosts his various musical covers and medleys, has over 12 million views. He is working on his debut album, Nyctophilia, slated for release later this year. The middle of three children lives in an HDB flat in Bukit Panjang with his parents, aunt, sisters and his dog.

What is a weekend like for you?

I'm on my own, in my bed wearing my SpongeBob boxers, with a large tub of Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream and a tube of sour cream Pringles, and I'm watching the TV show Friends. Don't get me wrong - I do have a lot of actual friends, but they just don't return my calls.

What do you do for leisure during your downtime?

You know how there's always that one creepy person sitting at the playground in the middle of the night? That's me. I'll be there with a drawing block in one hand and a marker in the other scribbling lyrics or poetry.

I also like to people watch. It's tougher in the day because everyone's always rushing from one place to another. At night, everyone's just trying to come home, so it's nice to look at them from afar and guess how their day had gone.

It's this nightly ritual that inspires my album, which is about the different characters of the night. Hence the title Nyctophilia, which is defined as the preference for the night or darkness.

If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, for just a weekend, who would it be?

Joan Rivers, the late comedienne. She's a huge inspiration for me. She was wildly funny and, most importantly, reminds me of my grandmother. Come to think of it, I should have picked my grandmother.

If you could go for an overseas weekend getaway, where would it be?

Just for a weekend? I won't be able to travel far, so I'd choose Bali. I'd book a villa with a big, big private pool and just soak in the water for the whole 48 hours. Bali is also great because you meet a lot of people there in passing. I've met a lot more tourists than Balinese people there.

What would be a perfect weekend for you?

When my friend calls and says"My girlfriend and I broke up". I love it.

Finally, we can have proper conversations and hang out without having some random person sit at our table. That's my perfect weeekend - to see my friends in misery.

Omar Amir

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