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Filipino-Alaskan electric violinist Bryson Andres started as a street musician.
Filipino-Alaskan electric violinist Bryson Andres started as a street musician.PHOTO: BRYSON ANDRES

A YouTube video of Filipino- Alaskan electric violinist Bryson Andres performing OneRepublic's Secrets on the streets of Spokane, Washington, in 2012 went viral and propelled the 24-year-old to international fame.

The video has since been watched more than four million times and Andres now performs on stages worldwide in countries such as Poland, Japan and the Philippines.

Based in Alaska, the bachelor lives in an apartment with his cousin and his family.

He will be in Singapore for the first time on Nov 1 for the Bryson Andres + Duke of Pianeet Live concert at the Esplanade.

Duke of Pianeet is Japanese classical pianist Yui Morishita, who puts his own spin on anime music. Tickets are available from Sistic.

When does your weekend begin?

As a full-time musician, I don't have fixed working hours as I can play any time I want so my weekends are no different from my weekdays.

I love what I do and don't consider it work so every day is pretty much a day off for me.

What do you enjoy doing for fun?

During summer and autumn, my cousins and I like outdoor activities such as playing with airsoft guns, hiking and fishing. One of my cousins created a game based on The Hunger Games series and we play that in a field.

During winter, I become more of a homebody and just chill at home, or I try and schedule tours out of Alaska to get away from the cold.

Where is a regular haunt during your downtime?

Peter's Violin Shop & Guitar Central, a short walk from my home.

I have been going there since I was young to check out the latest instruments and just to chat with owner Peter. I regard him as a father figure as he has been helpful throughout my life.

If you could live as someone else for a weekend, who would it be?

I would like to be Godzilla, towering over all else, but not trampling buildings and killing people. I would be a friendly Godzilla.

What is a good day off for you?

Waking up early, having spam musubi (a popular Hawaiian snack comprising a slice of luncheon meat atop a block of rice, wrapped together with nori seaweed) at my favourite secret spot, taking wacky photos at far-out locations, and just spending quality time with my loved ones.

Gurveen Kaur

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