My Weekend

Actress-host Nurul Aini with her husband Sofian Roslan and children Shaista Eman (left) and Shan Ehan.
Actress-host Nurul Aini with her husband Sofian Roslan and children Shaista Eman (left) and Shan Ehan.PHOTO: NURUL AINI

Popular actress-host Nurul Aini is also a businesswoman who co-owns online fashion boutique Studiofrost with her best friend and Toa Payoh cafe Studio Cafe Sg with three other MediaCorp Suria artistes.

The 33-year-old stars in Lion Moms, a Channel 5 drama about working mothers. She lives in a five-room Housing Board flat in Pasir Ris with her 33-year-old police officer husband; their two children, aged three and five; and a domestic helper.

What do you enjoy doing for leisure?

I love to read. I like reading real-life accounts about adopted families and their children.

The last book I read was Not Without My Daughter by Betty Mahmoody. In the 1980s, Betty wanted to leave Iran to escape her husband's abusive family, but refused to do so without her daughter, who was in her husband's custody. The book recounts the many obstacles she had to overcome before she eventually succeeded. It is really touching and I cried a lot when I read it. I read it in April right before I started filming Lion Moms.

I also like working out. I run 3 to 5km every day.

Who do you spend the most time with on weekends?

My family. My weekends are not routine because I have to film from time to time, but my husband and I to do our best to keep them free.

On free weekends, we have breakfast as a family, watch some television and have lunch together.

After lunch, we go out. We try to do something different every week. I must take the kids out on the weekends; I refuse to stay at home and do nothing.

Where is one weekend haunt of yours?

My family loves going to the beach. My children like to run and enjoy nature. Sometimes I will go for my run while my children ride on their bicycles. The weekends are always about my children.

If you could live in someone's shoes for a weekend, whose would it be and why?

Victoria Beckham. I started looking up to her after she had her second child, Romeo James Beckham, in 2002. She has a business on top of having a husband who is known worldwide and four children, but she takes care of her family so well.

She is also one of my style icons. She looks good in anything and all the time.

She is known for not smiling or laughing in public - I wonder if she laughs when her children do something funny. If I were her, I would smile and laugh a lot.

What is a good weekend to you?

When my children say, "Thank you for bringing me to this place, Mummy. I love you a hundred, thousand, million", at the end of the day.

Deborah Lee

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