My Weekend

98.7FM DJ Kimberly Wang likes to recharge by reading, spending time with friends or doing absolutely nothing.
98.7FM DJ Kimberly Wang likes to recharge by reading, spending time with friends or doing absolutely nothing.PHOTO: ALVIN LIM

98.7FM DJ Kimberly Wang has become busier lately.

The 24-year-old has recently taken on a new role as the host of the televised National Science Challenge, in which Secondary 3 students from 16 schools slug it out.

It airs on MediaCorp Channel 5 every Monday at 7pm and wraps up on Oct 12.

Wang, who loves movies and good food in equal measure, lives in a private apartment in the east with her parents and her 16-year-old brother. Her father, 51, is selfemployed and her mother, also 51, is a housewife.

Complete the sentence: When I am not working on the weekends...

I'm either out catching a movie, exploring some lesser-known part of Singapore or hunting for good food.

I like romantic comedies and independent films. The last movie I watched was the home-grown short-film anthology 7 Letters.

One of my finds is a rundown area with an old soccer field near Changi Boardwalk. I have a secret spot where I fish.

I don't really know how this "exploring" habit came about, but I do like taking walks, so it probably started on a random day when I wanted to walk around but did not have a cent to spend.

What is one thing you must do and one thing you refuse to do on the weekends?

I must do my chores of washing my clothes and cleaning my room because there is finally time to do it. I usually take an hour or so to complete them. I refuse to reply to e-mail messages on weekends, unless there are desperately urgent matters.

I believe there's a time to work and a time to relax.

How do you recharge?

By indulging in the things I want to do - read, spend time with friends or do absolutely nothing.

I read fiction, romantic poetry and anything reflective of the human condition. I have close to no interest in non-fiction books.

I have started reading The Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger, but have not finished it.

The cover of a book plays a big part in whether I choose to read it.

As a foodie, what is one place you would recommend Singaporeans to visit during the weekends?

FatCat Ice Cream Bar at Bedok North. The freshly made waffles, ice cream and plated desserts are amazing. I visit it whenever I feel like having a good ice cream waffle.

What is a good weekend to you?

One spent doing something enjoyable, be it work or leisure.

Deborah Lee

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