Mum's the word

Thank you for the commentary, No Regrets Becoming A Mother (May 15, Life) by Tee Hun Ching.

I am blessed with four healthy children, but I realise over the years, not everyone is as fortunate or happy with parenting as I am.

It is easier being a happy parent when you have enough money and time and when you have the support of a loving spouse, friends and family.

I agree with the writer that it is not helpful to portray mothers as saints because that makes real mums feel inadequate.

There is a similar problem for working mothers because they are always viewed as slender, young and well-groomed, effortlessly balancing family and work.


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I suspect that in Singapore and most places, maternal depression is under-diagnosed, which does not help mothers cope any better.

I appreciate your observation that in spite of maternal unhappiness and regret, mothers do love their children.

Sulian Tay

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