ZF’s customer-oriented collaborations and mobility innovations steer it to success

Beyond delivering customer satisfaction as a one-stop replacement parts provider to meet automotive and industrial needs

ZF Aftermarket organises training sessions at least once a year for its clients. PHOTO: ZF GROUP

Getting your car serviced is an integral part of maintaining its performance. Whether it's for a quick tune-up or if you need a malfunctioning part replaced, high quality parts are important in ensuring a smooth and safe journey, wherever you're headed. But who builds these parts and which company can you count on?

If you own an Asian make like Toyota or Hyundai, it likely contains ZF components. In fact, it is an OE (Original Equipment) supplier to more than 55 automotive brands. ZF Aftermarket is one of the divisions of ZF Friedrichshafen AG (ZF Group), which has been present in 13 countries in the region for more than 25 years. Besides being a supplier of replacement parts, it is also well known for its services for both automotive and industrial customers.

ZF Aftermarket supplies an extensive Asian range of close to 3,000 references for the top 100 models in the region. Plus, it provides its customers access to the Aftermarket brands like LEMFÖRDER, SACHS, and TRW, including products for driveline, chassis, steering and braking.

With stringent quality control processes which employ standards of ISO 9001:2015 (for quality management) and ISO/TS 16949:2009 (for defect prevention), ZF Aftermarket's customers can be assured of its reliability. The dependability of high quality Aftermarket products has helped some of its oldest customers build a more trusting relationship with consumers and meet market demands more easily.

But that's not all. ZF Aftermarket also organises training and workshops for its clients. These training sessions include the latest technical information from leading international car manufacturers and vehicle-specific mounting instructions.

In addition, Mr Ivan Lim, Managing Director of ZF Asia Pacific says that their biggest advantage is being able to provide end-to-end support for their customers. "We believe our products provide the best total cost of ownership," he emphasises.

Evolving with global mobility trends

ZF Asia Pacific has solutions for the automotive, marine, and industrial segments. PHOTO: ZF GROUP

Since 1915, ZF Group, which is headquartered in Germany, has been investing in its research and development (R&D) for nearly as long as it has existed. Thanks to its rapid evolution over the years, it has become a leader in its industry and is one of the top patent applicants in Germany with 2,161 new patents in 2017 - an 80 per cent increase from 1,200 in 2016.

More than just a leading global supplier of mechanical and digital solutions in mobility, ZF Group also develops transmissions and axles for agricultural and construction machinery, driveline technology for rail and material handling systems, marine propulsion systems, aviation technology, and gearboxes for wind turbines and industrial applications.

ZF is an OE supplier for more than 55 automotive brands in 13 countries across Asia Pacific. PHOTO: ZF GROUP

To date, ZF Group has developed an impressive global presence and is currently represented at 230 locations in 40 countries. This allows it to maintain its service capabilities and quick response time, ensuring that its customers get what they need, when they need it.

To learn more about the products and services of ZF Aftermarket, visit their website here.

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