Torque Shop: What to do when your power windows stop working

I am driving a 1.6-litre automatic. The power windows have suddenly stopped working. What could be wrong?

If none of the power windows activates when you press the switches, the fault could be a blown fuse in the power- window circuit, or there could be a short circuit.

Check the fuse first, and if the fuse has blown, there could be an overload in the power-window circuit.

Try replacing the blown fuse with a new one. If the new fuse still blows, there is a short in the wiring which needs to be fixed. If the windows work after a replacement of the fuse, it may have been a temporary overload that caused the fuse to blow.

If the fuse is fine, it could be a break in the wiring. You will probably need to go to a workshop to identify and trace the wires in the circuit and have it rectified accordingly.


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