Torque Shop

How do I know what engine oil is best for my car? I do not have a preferred service centre I send my car to. Usually, it is one of the petrol stations close to where I work. Do I need to tell them what oil to use? Petrol stations usually have their own oil, made by the oil companies they represent.

These oils are produced to standards that satisfy motor car manufacturers' specifications.

Check with your car owner's manual to find out which grade of oil is recommended. The petrol stations do carry a range to cater to different types of engines.

On the other hand, if you send your car to a workshop, you may be offered an oil that is claimed to be better than any other, or a brand that you may not be familiar with.

Try to gather more information about such oils before buying. Some admittedly are of a high quality, but there are several that are not.

A good oil is usually costlier to formulate. Quality engine oils contain additives which help heat transfer, wash off contaminants, prevent corrosion and withstand extreme pressures without breaking down. They are more than lubricants.


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