Torque shop

Much to my dismay, I noticed condensation inside the headlamp cover of my week-old car. Although I sent it back to the agent to have it rectified under warranty, I am still disappointed that it happened at all. Now I am concerned that it will recur and what I might have to incur if it happens after the warranty period.

Condensation inside the headlamp cover occurs when some water has seeped into the unit either during power-jet washing or because of a compromised sealant.

In the first instance, the condensation will eventually disappear because the headlamp units are designed with a vent-tube that allows moisture to evaporate.

Every time the headlamps are turned on, enough heat is generated in the unit to evaporate the moisture through the vent tubes.

The condensation on the headlamp cover of your new car is not something unusual as it could happen as a result of the washing of the car before delivery.

If, however, you observe moisture which recurs even if you do not run the vehicle through a car wash, it means there is a leak in the seal between the headlamp cover and its housing.

In such a case, the best solution is to replace the whole unit. Re-sealing it is a task that few workshops are skilled in and none, in any case, will guarantee the work.


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