Torque shop

I notice a soft growling sound which seems to come from my Honda Civic's suspension. It gets louder when I steer left, even if it is a very gentle turn. Strangely, it disappears when I turn right.

The car has clocked 55,000km and is serviced regularly. It has no other problems.

Steering left while on the move loads up the right side of your car because the body leans to the right.

The fact that the sound gets louder when you steer left immediately suggests that the source of the noise is the right-hand front or rear suspension.

Specifically, from your description, the problem lies with the wheel bearing.

It might be the front or the rear wheel, but I suggest you replace all four wheel bearings.

The cost is not prohibitively high and it is, in any case, a routine step that will prevent future problems.


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