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There are so many ways to improve the fuel economy of cars. Which has the biggest impact?

Having proper tyre pressure and driving behaviour are the two biggest factors.

Make it a habit to pump your car's tyres at least once a month. It is perfectly safe to go 10 to 20 per cent beyond the recommended pressure.

There will be a slight degradation to ride comfort, but you will notice improved economy.

The biggest factor, however, is driving behaviour. Drive with a light foot. Be aware of your environment.

If you know you are approaching a traffic junction, a pedestrian crossing, a turning or a road with speed humps, there is no point accelerating.

When the car is up to cruising speed, the lightest pressure on the gas pedal is enough to keep it going.

In built-up Singapore, time savings between a person who drives like a maniac and one who drives calmly and smoothly is often negligible.

You may notice that the calm and smooth driver often catches up with the maniacal driver at the traffic lights.


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