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My car has clocked 135,000km. In the past couple of days, I noticed a vibration from the steering and the floorboard, especially when I accelerate. What could this be and should I be concerned?

Since you have clocked 135,000km, you might want to replace your car's engine and gearbox mountings, plus all the suspension bushes.

Worn or broken mountings and suspension bushes accentuate vibrations in the front.

Another plausible cause of the vibration would be worn drive shafts (if your car is a front-wheel drive). Drive shafts last a long time, but if their protective boot is torn, dirt and grime can get in and rapidly increase wear and tear.

Also, check that you have evenly worn and properly balanced tyres before replacing the drive shaft.

If you decide to change the drive shafts, make sure you get original ones which are more expensive but work perfectly.

Workshops often offer rebuilt units or suggest balancing the drive shafts as cheaper alternatives. However, the symptoms are likely to return if you choose these alternatives.


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