Torque Shop

How will I know that the car problem I bring up with the workshop is properly addressed? Occasionally, I find that a problem persists despite repeated visits to the workshop.

This is not an uncommon issue. The workshop will say it has put the car through the usual diagnostic tests and, as the equipment found that everything is within tolerable parameters, there is no problem.

You may also hear the service adviser informing you that the car's engine control unit (the engine's computer) has been "reset" and, hence, the fault is cleared.

Often, the root cause has not been identified.

In many instances, the workshop supervisor you consult may not have precisely understood your description of the problem.

You must provide a clear description of the issue that concerns you and not what you feel or think.

If the problem is something you experience while on the move, you should request that the workshop staff ride with you so that both parties can agree when the symptom occurs.

If the recurring issue or issues pertain to a new car that is still under warranty, insist on the company sticking to its obligation to fix the fault at no cost.

Shreejit Changaroth

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