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My car is less than a year old, but every time I do a turn while stepping on the brake, I hear a "clock clock" sound from the front. I have sent it to the agent many times to rectify it, but the sound returns after a month or so. What is causing this sound?

It is difficult to pinpoint the cause based on your description. But there are a few areas you could ask the service centre to check thoroughly.

Since your car is quite new, it is unlikely that any major component has been changed and perhaps not fitted correctly. However, there is always the possibility that some part has come loose or become slightly displaced from its original location.

Braking while the wheels are turned gives rise to a different set of stresses as opposed to travelling in a straight line.

Firstly, if you are not using original wheels, you should swop for a pair of factory-fitted wheels and tyres at the front and check if the same symptoms appear. There could be a defect in the wheel, causing the knocking sound.

Then check if the inner lining of the fender is secure and that none of the mounting clips or screws are missing.

Another possible source of the problem are the brake callipers and pads. Investigating this would require the pads to be removed and refitted to ensure that the shims, pins, retainer springs or any other component are not damaged in any way.

While at it, consider replacing the pads with new ones if the current pads are worn.

Finally, it would, of course, be logical to inspect all the suspension joints for any unusual wear and that includes dampers and springs.

Premature wear is not common but definitely possible. The service centre should report its findings to you.

Shreejit Changaroth

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