Pop Up Luxury

The BMW M760Li xDrive.
The BMW M760Li xDrive.PHOTO: BMW Asia

SINGAPORE Fine Swiss watches, cutting-edge contemporary art and exclusive tipple framed the debut of BMW’s latest luxury sedan in Singapore — because that’s the kind of company befitting of the BMW M760Li xDrive.

Over 10 days in November at The BMW Pavilion in Suntec Plaza, guests of the renowned German car-maker experienced the kind of lifestyle that owning the new luxury sedan would entail, tasting the top-notch offerings presented by bottle shop 1855, the premium whisky brand Macallan, luxury label Montblanc, gallerist Ode to Art, custom boutique The Bespoke Club, and Sincere Fine Watches.

The pop-up event — which was making its first stop in Asia after making its rounds in Europe and Canada — was all about living the good life, something owners of the BMW M760Li xDrive soon learned once they were ensconced comfortably in its pampering cabin.

Also showcased at the pop-up were the latest innovations from BMW that move the goalposts for how technology is changing the way we use and interact with our cars. One evening, the event also hosted directors and actors from the Singapore International Film Festival.

A night view of The BMW Pavilion in Suntec Plaza. PHOTO: BMW ASIA

But back to the BMW M760Li xDrive: The regular BMW 7 Series is already the epitome of luxury on wheels, but this latest version of the luxury sedan takes Luxe, with a capital L, a few steps further.

If you are chauffeured in it, it’s requires no stretch of the imagination to picture yourself sipping fine Macallan whisky as the sedan’s massage seat takes good care of your weary muscles. Indeed, the BMW 7 Series is as enjoyable when you’re in the rear seat as at the front — more so in our opinion. Aside from the seats with built-in massage functions, you can recline and enjoy the myriad of information and entertainment possible with Rear Seat Entertainment.

The soothing music you play to calm you comes courtesy of a superb Bower & Wilkins sound system — the 1,400watt, 16-speaker system astounds with clarity and sound staging.

And just like at the finest hotels in the world, the scent in the sedan is not left to chance or fickle weather filtering in from outside — the eight scents available in the BMW M760Li xDrive are customised by BMW for your heightened pleasure.

To help create the perfect mood, the BMW 7 Series showcases an Ambient Air Package, a scent delivery system pioneered by BMW. The eight unisex scents fall into one of two categories, the refreshing “Blue Suite and Green Suite” or the comfortable and woody “Golden Suite and Authentic Suite”.

A customer takes a look at the interior of the BMW M760Li xDrive. PHOTO: BMW ASIA

As with every affluent individual today, time and effort is money. BMW created this beauty on wheels with those factors in mind and offers the owner or passengers that ultimate luxury — customising your own RSS news feed and checking your vehicle status via the My BMW ConnectedDrive portal or use Google Maps to plan your journey and simply send the results to your navigation system via the Internet with “Send to Car”. This way, you can plan your journey in the comfort of your home and have it all ready to go when you get into your car.
Talk about effortless, controlling all the different features is a cinch thanks to the removable 7-inch touchscreen tablet nestled in the rear armrest.

Guests admiring the artwork created by Ode to Art’s Indonesian artist Dedy Sufriadi. PHOTO: BMW ASIA

While no artist’s work graces the car, its interior and exterior could be said to be a work of art for car lovers. All the chrome bits have been replaced by a matte aluminium finish and the aero body kit is subtle and complemented by gorgeous 20-inch forged lightweight rims.

New to the current BMW 7 Series is the Luxury Seating Comfort package. It gives the 7 Series ventilated rear seats. The BMW Vitality Programme offers rear-seat passengers eight different exercise routines to engage back and shoulder muscles on the longer trips. The interactive body training is displayed on the rear seat entertainment monitors and sensors in the rear seats ensure the exercises are performed to perfection.

There is no mistaking how high the BMW M760Li xDrive’s luxe quotient is. But ultimately it has to perform and it sure does. Not only is it chockful of creature comforts, there is also enough grunt under the hood to keep up with most supercars.

The 6.6-litre V-12 pumps out 610hp and 800Nm of torque courtesy of twin-turbos — that translates to a century sprint timing of 3.7 seconds, or roughly the time it takes you to read this sentence. It is also BMW’s fastest accelerating model available for sale.

For the well-heeled connoisseur who demands exhilarating performance behind the wheel as well as uncompromising comfort on the occasions where the rear seat beckons, the BMW M760Li xDrive is truly that rare gem. It effortlessly combines superlative performance with an understated luxury that is matched only by its exclusivity.