ST-Torque Best Buys of 2017


From top: Porsche Panamera Executive and BMW 730i.
Porsche Panamera Executive.PHOTOS: ST FILE
From top: Porsche Panamera Executive and BMW 730i.

Cars in this segment have long proffered comfort and finery as their strong suits - as it should be. But for those who prefer to self-drive, luxury cars must be fun at the wheel too.

In this respect, the new Porsche Panamera Executive (from $426,088 without a certificate of entitlement) ticks all the boxes. It has loads of legroom, is furnished like a business-class lounge and drives like a dream.

Far less extravagant but just as engaging is the BMW 730i (from $408,888). Powered by a 2-litre engine with 400Nm of torque, it still puts on a creditable performance, with the benchmark century sprint done in 6.3 seconds. Like the Panamera, it steers as sharply and handles with as much agility as cars that are one size smaller.

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