Fast Lane: Refreshed Audi Q7 to arrive early next year

Refreshed Audi Q7 to arrive early next year.
Refreshed Audi Q7 to arrive early next year.PHOTO: AUDI
Lighter, stronger and safer.
Lighter, stronger and safer.PHOTO: RENAULT
BMW M8 hits century sprint in 3.2 seconds.
BMW M8 hits century sprint in 3.2 seconds.PHOTO: BMW
Only 100 units of centenary Bentley model.
Only 100 units of centenary Bentley model.PHOTO: BENTLEY
Roomier Honda Accord.
Roomier Honda Accord.PHOTO: HONDA
Bentley Continental GT W12 breaks record at Pikes Peak.
Bentley Continental GT W12 breaks record at Pikes Peak.PHOTO: BENTLEY
Audi S8 with 571hp V8 engine.
Audi S8 with 571hp V8 engine.PHOTO: AUDI
Ford Focus ST quicker than before.
Ford Focus ST quicker than before.PHOTO: FORD
Opel Astra is most aerodynamic five-door hatch.
Opel Astra is most aerodynamic five-door hatch.PHOTO: VAUXHALL
Beefier BMW X6.

Refreshed Audi Q7 to arrive early next year

Audi's facelifted Q7  will feature styling and infotainment changes seen in the Q8. It will also have 48-volt mild hybrid technology, eight-speed autobox and permanent all-wheel-drive. A choice of two diesel engines will be available at market launch, and shortly afterwards a petrol unit, followed also by a plug-in hybrid model. It is slated to arrive early next year, starting with a 3-litre, followed by a 2-litre.

Lighter, stronger and safer Renault Captur

Renault's new Captur has a more captivating design. Powertrain choices will include a plug-in hybrid. It is lighter, stronger and said to be safer than its predecessor, with a semi-autonomous function which allows convoying in crawling traffic. Engines include a 1-litre three-cylinder turbo making 100hp and 160Nm of torque.

BMW M8 hits century sprint in 3.2 seconds

The BMW M8 Competition features the most powerful engine ever developed for a BMW M car - a high-revving turbo V8 making 625hp. It hits 100kmh in 3.2 seconds and 200kmh in under 11 seconds.

Only 100 units of centenary Bentley model

To mark its 100th year, Bentley has unveiled a limited-edition model which pays homage to its legendary No. 1 Bentley Blower of 1929.

Each car features a unique piece of Bentley history set in Bentley's Rotating Display, 18-karat gold-plated fender badging and painted No. 1 front grille. Behind this grille lies a 6-litre W12 engine. Only 100 units will be made.

Roomier Honda Accord

Honda's evergreen Accord has returned, after a new emission standard rendered the previous model unviable two years ago.

The new Accord is sleeker and bigger (11mm longer, 12mm wider and 15mm lower). Hence, expect more room, including a generous 570-litre boot. The car weighs 84kg less than the ninth-generation car. Part of the weight loss comes from a smaller engine.

The new car is powered by a 1.5-litre direct-injection turbo, compared with a 2.4-litre normally aspirated version in the previous car. The new power plant makes 201hp and 260Nm of torque from 1,600rpm. An introductory price of $154,999 is valid till July 17.

Bentley Continental GT W12 breaks record at Pikes Peak

A Bentley Continental GT W12 driven by Rhys Millen completed the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on June 30 in a record 10min 18.488sec. The car's 19.9km sprint was 8.4 seconds quicker than the previous record, clocking an average speed of 112kmh.

Audi S8 with 571hp V8 engine

Folks who do not always want to take a back seat will welcome the return of the Audi S8. Boasting a bi-turbo V8 petrol engine producing 571hp and 800Nm of torque, it powers a car riding on predictive active suspension.

The super limousine has all-wheel-drive, all-wheel steering and a rear differential for sporty antics.

Mazda 3 recall, Singapore not affected

Mazda is recalling its new Mazda 3 to fix loose wheel lug nuts. According to various automotive news portals, the Japanese carmaker is calling around 25,000 cars, most of them in the United States.

Cars made in Mexico and Japan are affected. More than half are still in dealer lots and Mazda will fix the flaw - which may cause a wheel to dislodge when driving - before delivery.

Mazda Singapore says Singapore is not affected, as the flaw will be fixed before cars are shipped to Singapore. The Mazda 3 will be launched here on July 19.

Ford Focus ST quicker than before

Ford's new Focus ST  is a 2.3-litre turbo five-door which hits 100kmh in 5.7 seconds, making it quicker than the previous Focus RS. It has Launch Control, an electronic limited-slip differential and continuously controlled damping. It has 280hp - 30hp more than the preceding Focus ST - and class-leading torque of 420Nm regulated by a six-speed manual gearbox.

Opel Astra is most aerodynamic five-door hatch

The facelifted Opel Astra is due next year. Shown as a Vauxhall here, the Astra will have improved aerodynamics and a new nine-speed automatic gearbox.

With a drag-coefficient of 0.26, the car is the most aerodynamic five-door hatch. It has new shock absorbers for a better ride. New turbocharged petrol and diesel engines will be available, including a three-cylinder turbo petrol unit with 1.2-and 1.4-litre displacements, and outputs from 110hp to 145hp.

Beefier BMW X6

The new BMW X6, which will be launched worldwide in November, is, first of all, bigger. It is 4,935mm long (plus 26mm), 2,004mm wide (plus 15mm), but sits 6mm lower at 1,696mm. Its wheelbase has also grown by 42mm to 2,975mm - which means its overall profile is a tad less gawky, but still far from sleek. Like all new BMWs, it wears a gigantic grille.

Secondly, the X6 gets beefier, spearheaded by an M model with a 530hp turbocharged V8. There is also a 400hp inline-six fed by four turbos.

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