Fast Lane: Limited-edition McLaren Speedtail

Zapp i300
Zapp i300PHOTO: ZAPP

Limited-edition McLaren Speedtail

McLaren describes the Speedtail as its first "hyper" grand tourer and "ultimate" road car. Only 106 units will be produced, all of which are already reserved at a price from £1.75 million (S$3.1 million).

The car will have a Formula One-inspired central driving position and two additional passenger seats - like the McLaren F1 of the 1990s.

Its teardrop-shaped cockpit and elongated 5.2m carbon-fibre body will help it attain a top speed of 403kmh. It is powered by a petrol-electric hybrid powertrain with 1,050hp, allowing it to go from zero to 300kmh in 12.8 seconds - faster than what some cars take to reach 100kmh.

Smallest Volkswagen SUV

Volkswagen has unveiled yet another crossover. The new T-Cross is its smallest sport utility vehicle (SUV). It is shorter than the compact T-Roc and Tiguan and better suited to the city.

Based on the modular platform, the T-Cross is 4.11m long, but has a fairly generous wheelbase of 2.56m. Sliding rear seats, which can be adjusted by 14cm, give the car more versatility and vary its boot space between 385 and 455 litres. Rear seat-backs can also be folded flat.

The car has a choice of four turbocharged engines: three petrol and one diesel. The two one-litre three-cylinder petrol engines make 95hp and 115hp and are equipped with particulate filters. By 2025, the Volkswagen brand will have more than 30 SUV models.

Electric Dendrobium D-1 to be made in Britain

Singapore's Dendrobium sports car will be made in Britain. The electric Dendrobium D-1, conceived by Singapore-based Vanda Electrics, will be made with Williams Advance Engineering.

Electric scooter with detachable batteries

The Zapp i300 has a 14kW motor powered by two laptop-sized battery packs weighing less than 5kg each. These batteries can be removed for remote charging. The 90kg scooter's motor sends 587Nm of torque to the rear wheel, propelling it to 48kmh in 2.4 seconds. To extend its range, the bike has brake regenerative power.

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