Fast lane: Get a GTA Spano here

Continental GT Speed Black Edition.
Continental GT Speed Black Edition. PHOTO: BENTLEY
Land Rover 25 Series I.
Land Rover 25 Series I. PHOTO: JAGUAR LAND ROVER
Polestar V60 estate.
Polestar V60 estate. PHOTO: VOLVO
Audi’s facelifted A3.
Audi’s facelifted A3. PHOTO: AUDI

Get a GTA Spano here


EuroSports Auto, which represents Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo and Pagani, has landed a distribution agreement with Spania GTA, a Spanish supercar-maker. Which means billionaires who tire of the usual fare will soon be able to buy the GTA Spano, a wildlooking racer powered by an 8-litre bi-turbo V10 that puts out 925bhp and 1,220Nm. Limited to just 99 units, the Spano boasts exotic construction materials such as carbon fibre, graphene, titanium and Kevlar. It hits 100kmh in 2.9 seconds and exceeds 370kmh if you can find a long enough stretch of tarmac. The car is expected to cost between $3 and $4 million.

Revised GT Speed

Bentley has unveiled a revised Continental GT Speed. With a top speed of 331kmh and 0-100kmh sprint time of 4.1 seconds, it is the fastest production Bentley. The car also boasts even more power. Its 6-litre twin-turbocharged W12 engine makes 642bhp (up from 635bhp) and 840Nm (from 820Nm). It is also available as a Black Edition, in both coupe and convertible form. Both sit on 21-inch five-spoke wheels with distinctive brake callipers, which can be specified in red or black.

'Wireless charging by 2050'

British research firm TRL says electric cars will have an average range of 486km by 2025. And by 2050, wireless charging and battery capacities are expected to increase so much that the act of "refuelling" as we know it will cease to exist.

Land Rover restores Series I

Land Rover has restored 25 Series I cars, which it will put up for sale around the world. Each is expected to fetch £60,000 to £80,000, which means about S$350,000 in Singapore after taxes and COE. With such a small number up for grabs, it is unlikely that any will reach Singapore.

Old classic finally sells


BMW agent Performance Motors has sold a classic car which it has had for yonks. The single-door, bubble-shaped Isetta micro-mini was sold to a private collector who promptly shipped it out of Singapore (the agent would not say where). Performance Motors is also putting up two remaining classics for sale - a Frazer Nash 327 and a 628i CSI.

Cars that fix themselves?

Hyundai cars in the future might be able to fix themselves. In a technological roadmap, the South Korean manufacturer says its "smart remote maintenance service" will remotely diagnose and fix vehicle issues before they become apparent. Hyundai says the technology will be part of autonomous driving and intelligent navigation. It did not say more. The main areas of research now focus on in-vehicle networks for high-speed transfer of large amounts of data, and cloud technology to collect vehicle data and provide computing power.

Volvo's quickest car

Volvo Cars will soon launch the quickest car it has made - a 367bhp/470Nm Polestar V60 estate. It sprints from zero to hundred in 4.8 seconds, and on to a regulated top speed of 248kmh. The all-wheel-drive model has an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Audi A3 goes high-tech

Audi's facelifted A3 will feature its "virtual cockpit" digital instrumentation. Like recent Audi and Volkswagen models, it will also have a smartphone interface. The car will also have inductive charging for phones, like what Lexus has offered. Its infotainment system has been upgraded, with an embedded data SIM card. It will have other high-end features such as traffic-jam assist and rear crosstraffic assist. New engines include a 1-litre three-cylinder turbo and a 2-litre four-cylinder turbo. Matrix LED headlamps are also available. The car, however, will arrive in Singapore only next year.

Manual V12 Vantage S

Aston Martin's V12 Vantage S will be available with a seven-speed manual transmission. The gearbox features a classic "dog-leg" first gear in a a double "H" configuration. The car also features AMShift, which mimics the technique of heeland-toe downshifts.

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