Fast Lane

Mercedes-Benz GLS
Lamborghini Huracan Evo
All-new Sylphy

Largest Mercedes-Benz sport utility vehicle

The new Mercedes-Benz GLS is the German marque's largest seven-seat sport utility vehicle and goes head to head with BMW's recently launched X7. Three electrically adjustable seat rows offer occupants a generous amount of space, with the last row said to be able to accommodate 1.94m-tall passengers.

There are also separate USB ports in the last row. Like the X7, a six-seater variant with two luxury individual rear seats in the second seat row is also available. All-wheel-drive and the latest driving aids keep this behemoth well-planted on the road. The GLS is due to arrive in Singapore next year.

Lexus LM

Lexus will make a luxury minivan based on the Toyota Alphard. Instead of a multi-seater, it will be business-class seating for four - complete with big-screen video monitor, champagne cooler, individual reclinable and ventilated seats for the chauffeured.

Besides an oversized Lexus spindle grille up front, the car is indistinguishable from an Alphard on the outside. Expect it to arrive in Singapore in 2023.

Lamborghini's 'everyday sports car'

The Lamborghini Huracan Evo has landed. Priced at $998,000 before the certificate of entitlement, the latest iteration of Lambo's "everyday sports car" boasts improved aerodynamics, enhanced output, rear-wheel steering, torque vectoring and an electronic stability system said to be able to predict necessary adjustments to improve driving dynamics.

On board, it gets a touchscreen control panel first seen in the Lamborghini Urus. Exterior styling changes include a front splitter and a more pronounced rear spoiler. But the most significant is an enormous pair of raised tailpipes.

Nissan Sylphy e-Power hybrid to come to Singapore next year

Nissan has unveiled an all-new Sylphy, which looks more modern and lower-slung than the current model. It is also equipped with a digital cockpit with the latest infotainment features and boasts a three-zone climate control system.

The engine and gearbox, however, remain unchanged - a 1.6-litre normally aspirated four-cylinder paired with a continuously variable transmission. Singapore, however, will be getting an e-Power hybrid variant, and possibly no sooner than late next year.

EZ-Link, Touch 'n Go to launch dual-currency Combi Card this year

Soon, you may be able to use an ez-link card to pay for highway tolls in Malaysia. EZ-Link and Touch 'n Go have announced that such a card will be launched in the fourth quarter of this year. The dual currency Combi Card - a first in South-east Asia - will allow users to pay for urban mobility in both countries.

To date, EZ-Link has issued about 30 million Cepas ez-link cards in Singapore and Touch 'n Go has more than 23 million active Touch 'n Go cards in circulation in Malaysia.

Christopher Tan

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