E-class for the young

The Mercedes- Benz E-class has long been associated with successful and powerful people who are on the wrong side of 40.

Could the latest model, arriving later this year, change the demographic for the quintessential towkay limo?

It would appear so, going by its sporty, youthful design. The car is also brimming with technological features baby boomers might find a tad intimidating.

Find out more about the car that might change the face of Mercedes in April's edition of Torque.

Those looking for unconventional crossovers should look out for the shootout between the Renault Captur, Suzuki Vitara and Ssangyong Tivoli.

Roadster diehards might like the twin car test-drive of the Audi TT and BMW Z4.

Those who are sticking to sedans should check out the comparison between the Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima.

There is also a comparison "test-ride" of two autonomous cars - one from Audi and the other from Lexus.

Torque will be out at newsstands on Monday.

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