Driving the fashion-forward

Go places in the stylish new Cerato by Kia.
Go places in the stylish new Cerato by Kia.PHOTO: CYCLE & CARRIAGE SINGAPORE

With its sharp new looks and an array of technologically advanced features, the all-new Kia Cerato gears itself to be the smart motorist’s best companion


Having served generations of value-focused drivers over the years, Kia has upped its game with bolder design and better equipment.

Few car brands mix style with substance as successfully as Kia. Just as you spend time putting together your OOTD seven days a week, Kia’s designers have invested countless hours perfecting the new Cerato’s form. After all, the whole point of driving a sophisticated car is to look suave doing it.

The new Cerato is your best style companion for looking and feeling good— an extension of your wardrobe and meticulous grooming.

New shape, new possibilities

What's more, it has a new suite of enhanced features that champion form and function.

For starters, the Cerato has undergone a design evolution to be significantly bigger, and its designers have made the most of its new proportions.

It has increased in length by 80mm to 4,640mm, while the width has grown by 20mm. To provide even more headroom in the cabin, the height has been raised by 5mm. All in all, there is more space in the passenger compartment.

The new Kia Cerato features bigger proportions that promise a more comfortable ride. PHOTO: CYCLE & CARRIAGE SINGAPORE

The boot has grown too — 502 litres (an increase of 20 litres) in capacity, to be precise. Within the compact car segment, that’s simply enormous. Any number of lifestyle accessories would easily fit into it when you have that much space to play with.

And for a touch of sophistication, the Cerato's smart trunk system allows the boot to open automatically when the key is within a detection zone for at least three seconds.  

This makes loading items into the car with your hands full, a lot easier. And it’s even better for making sure you look composed because you don't have to try and fish a key from your pockets while balancing an arm full of heavy gear.

Modern simplicity

The spacious cabin sits behind a long engine compartment, and the stretched dimensions of the bonnet connote power and performance. The added length of the car also allows the roofline to have a more gentle sweep, enhancing its overall silhouette.

The headlights are now boldly contoured, with the front end of the car paying subtle homage to the thrilling Kia Stinger in a number of ways including, a slender tiger nose grille.

The contours on the side lead the eye to the back, where new tail lights blend perfectly with the bootlid’s sculpted, spoiler-like edge.

Practical luxury

It’s not just the way the new Cerato looks on the outside that turns heads. The clean lines of the exterior are mirrored inside, exuding a sense of simple, pared-down beauty.

The tidy dashboard features slender metallic trim that stretches across the interior to visually widen it, while the air-con vents resemble jet turbines, giving the cabin a feel of the high-flying world of aerospace.

Ventilated front seats ensure you stay cool and look our best when you arrive at your appointments. PHOTO: CYCLE & CARRIAGE SINGAPORE

And because your style doesn’t have to be a slave to our climate, ventilated front seats with built-in fans cool you and wick perspiration from your clothes. On cooler days, the ambience-defining tinted sunroof can be opened for light and fresh air to stream in.

The retractable sunroof automatically allows natural light and cool air to flood in. PHOTO: CYCLE & CARRIAGE SINGAPORE

If the new Cerato demonstrates anything, it’s that it can keep up with the latest technology just as you do.

On top of the dashboard itself sits a new freestanding 8-inch touchscreen that complements the minimalist instruments. That puts the audio system within easy reach, which can also be operated by simple controls on the steering wheel.

An infotainment system with Apple CarPlay connectivity allows drivers to connect their iPhone and control it by talking to Siri.

Wireless smartphone charging (for compatible phones) is available too — a boon for many today who juggle multiple appointments on the go. If you’re someone who chooses a smartphone with care and takes advantage of the latest features such as wireless charging, there is no better matching accessory.

Wireless charging capabilities ensure you're always a tap away from a phone call or your current Netflix series. PHOTO: CYCLE & CARRIAGE SINGAPORE

Raising the bar for style

Kia's offering of sharp styling with a bold new look reflects how much progress the brand has made. It has been a style champion for years now; led by chief design officer Peter Schreyer, it has crafted design award-winning cars.

Most recently, Kia won three 2018 iF Design Awards — the second year in a row it has collected a trio of the prestigious accolades. The achievement marks its ninth consecutive year of winning at least one such award, adding to its tally of 15 iF Design Awards, one of the world’s most acclaimed accolades in the world of design.

Yet, that’s merely another sign of how much Korea has come to drive trends in design and fashion. It’s not unusual to take fashion, makeup or hairstyle cues from Seoul these days, so it’s only natural that Kia would become a trend-setter in the world of cars.

It all goes to show that even for the most technology-conscious driver, the Kia Cerato is all about offering what really counts, allowing anyone to appreciate it in style.

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