Driving service into the future


Mercedes-Benz takes “The Best or Nothing” to heart when it comes to serving their customers

When you purchase a Mercedes-Benz, you can be assured of three things: Efficiency, Performance, and Reliability.

Cycle & Carriage now takes each of these qualities one step further with myMB app, which lets you manage your car servicing on the go, anytime.

Forgotten service appointments can be a thing of the past as the myMB app is able to send helpful reminders to users for upcoming appointments.

The streamlined and intuitive interface makes the app a cinch to use. You can confirm a service appointment in just four steps: tap once to choose a car, again to select a location, another time to nail down a date, and one last time to confirm the booking.

It even lets you keep track of your car’s current mileage and the last battery change date, so you know when to schedule your next appointment.

In the case of a breakdown, the myMB app has you covered with an in-built Accident or Breakdown guide. Simply whip your smartphone out for the step-by-step instructions so that you know what to do in the event of an accident.

The myMB app can also facilitate a direct line of communication to Mercedes-Benz Service24h, a 24-hour roadside assistance with the touch of a button for peace of mind.

Elevating service to an art form

Mercedes-Benz recognises that driving is a partnership between man and machine.

And for the best experience, the driver has to receive just as much care as the vehicle.

This is why your car is not the only one receiving first-class treatment at Mercedes-Benz Authorised Service Centers.

Simply book an appointment online or via the myMB app for a consultation and you will receive personal attention from its service advisors. Refreshments and Wi-Fi are available too.

Your assigned advisor will personally accompany you to inspect your vehicle, so you can share specific feedback about issues you have experienced.

Drivers in a rush can opt for the Express Servicing option. This is available only by appointment at Mercedes-Benz Pandan Loop and Eunos Service Centers and the Express Service Center @ Leng Kee.

You can choose one of the four major jobs — an oil and oil filter change, a front brake pad change, a rear brake pad change or a battery change.

With Express Servicing, you are guaranteed completion of selected service in 60 minutes or less.

In the event of a delay, the aftersales team will provide a 50 per cent discount on your service bill.

In addition, Mercedes-Benz offers a Collect and Return service at its Pandan Loop and Eunos Service Centers. For a small fee, Cycle & Carriage will pick up your vehicle, bring it for servicing and return it at your convenience.

With such convenience and attention to detail, rest easy and let Cycle & Carriage take care of you and your car.