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An MPV for the family

The Maxus G10 Executive is the perfect fit for multi-generational families who need a spacious ride

As a small island nation, comfort and space are always at a premium in Singapore. As our population grows, our houses get smaller, our roads get more congested, and even our parks are getting increasingly crowded.

That’s not to mention that’s happening to our cars. With the average vehicle shrinking to the size they are nowadays, accommodating your entire family becomes increasingly difficult. Forget about taking trips up to Malacca or Penang with more than four people in the car — it’s bound to be four hours of misery, with multiple people squeezed against each other in the backseat. 

The 2,500-litre boot space can easily hold two large suitcases, one mid-size suitcase, three cabin-size suitcases and two golf bags. PHOTO: MAXUS

And what about parents who may need wheelchairs to get around? Helping them into the vehicle is a finicky operation that requires at least two people — a luxury you may not have sometimes. Plus, fitting a wheelchair in the boot of most cars leaves little to no space, and may not even be possible in smaller vehicles. 

But Maxus believes that you shouldn’t have to compromise on space when it comes to your car. That’s the whole raison d’être of its G10 Executive multi-purpose vehicle (MPV). 

MPVs are already renowned for their comfort and spaciousness — but if you want the most comfortable drive among MPVs, the Maxus G10 Executive is far and away the obvious choice. 

The G10 Executive can accomodate a large family with ease. PHOTO: MAXUS

The luxury of space

All seven seats in the G10 Executive boast plenty of space for occupants to sprawl comfortably in. A flexible seating arrangement means that your family can choose exactly where and how they want to seat themselves, but still remain supremely comfortable regardless. Do you have a family with teenagers who want their own personal space with no compromise? They’ll have as much of it as they could possibly want. 

The Flagship variant goes one step further: independently-adjustable captain’s seats with leg support in the second row let passengers stretch out in maximum comfort, while a 10-inch LED monitor provides hours of entertainment for the rear passengers. Got a gamer in the backseat? Make use of the 220V charging part to charge a laptop or portable gaming device on the go. 

Watch a movie or play games when you are on the go thanks to its three-pin charging port. PHOTO: MAXUS

Regardless of model, there’s no need to fast just to squeeze in and out of seats. With the G10 Executive’s extra-wide aisle space, even the third-row seats are easily accessible. 

But the space isn’t just limited to the passenger compartment. The 2,500-litre boot space can easily hold four large suitcases, in addition to a stroller or a wheelchair for the youngest and oldest members of your family respectively. 

You don’t have to limit yourself to suitcases, either: huge boot space means huge potential. Whether you’re taking new furniture home, or bringing your friends out for a game of golf, or even going on an extended shopping spree, the G10 Executive’s spaciousness can accommodate an incredible variety of needs.

The G10 Executive can accommodate elder-friendly modifications, such as this motorised swivel chair. PHOTO: MAXUS

A suite of lifestyle convenience

Got your hands full, whether it’s with luggage or new purchases? The hands-free tailgate in the Flagship variant is electric-powered and gesture-activated: all you have to do is tap your foot under the sensor at the rear of the vehicle for the tailgate to open automatically. 

The key feature of the G10 Executive, though, is its ability to accommodate elder-friendly modifications. On request, it can be customised with either a motorised swivel chair or wheelchair ramp access. 

The motorised swivel chair replaces a seat in the second row. As the name suggests, it swivels out of the vehicle with the flip of a switch, and can be lowered to the height of a wheelchair — making it a breeze for someone in a wheelchair to help themselves into. The wheelchair can then be safely stowed away in the boot, easy to access when it’s needed again at your destination. 

Alternatively, to pass on the trouble of constantly helping an occupant in and out of their wheelchair, a wheelchair ramp can be installed instead. This allows a wheelchair to be wheeled directly into the G10 Executive. The ramp also comes with floor rails for the chair to be secured to, ensuring rock-solid stability. 

A ramp can be installed so a wheelchair can be wheeled in directly. PHOTO: MAXUS

The best part? The modifications don’t compromise on the G10 Executive’s superior space or comfort. Even with either modification installed, all six passengers can still fit in the vehicle with plenty of room to spare. The G10 Executive will ensure that you’ll never have to leave someone behind on your next road trip — least of all your parents. 

And these are just the tip of the iceberg; the G10 Executive is a high-specifications MPV that comes with a solid array of features to suit your family's vehicle needs.

But there’s only one way to find out exactly how comfortable and versatile the G10 Executive is, and that’s to take it out for a spin. 

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