Money talk on first date

Reading Akshita Nanda's column on who should pay on the first date (Let The Woman Pay, Life, Oct 23), I find it disappointing that she solved the "first date problem" (as she called it) in true Singaporean fashion - pragmatically and unromantically. Her suggestion of hikes, runs and other outdoor activities is a cop-out.

Being old-school, I would gladly pay for the first date. However, I have seen how a date could get affronted when not allowed to foot her share. I have also had my pride dented when another insisted on paying because she "was older".

Hence, over time, I have learnt to take things in my stride.

A woman who approaches a first date as a social transaction with a price tag attached should not decry the Singaporean male as unromantic when love does bloom for her and leads to a proposal - to apply for an HDB flat together.


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Ooi Mun Kong

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