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Moisturise for make-up that lasts

Fix Make-Up, $45, from Clarins counters.
Fix Make-Up, $45, from Clarins counters.PHOTOS: CAUDALIE, CLARINS, COVER FX, NYX, URBAN DECAY

Hydrate your skin to keep it from producing more oil, use a primer and line your lips and eyes

How do I get my make-up to last all day?

In warm, humid Singapore, it is not easy to keep make-up from melting.

Besides using long-wear products and re-applying make-up throughout the day, there are other ways to make your make-up last longer.

Ms Amanda Rodriguez, international artist-in-residence at American cosmetics brand Urban Decay, says you have to first take care of your skin.

The 30-year-old make-up artist, who is based in Los Angeles, was in Singapore last month for the launch of the label's new eyeshadow palette, Naked Heat.

She says: "When your skin is dry, it actually produces more oil. So, keeping your skin balanced is important."

Here are more tips on how to prolong your make-up:

Do not skip moisturiser

To make sure your skin stays balanced, you need to hydrate it. If your skin is dehydrated, it will produce more oil to compensate.

If you have very oily skin, use a light moisturiser.

Prime your skin

A primer helps smoothen your complexion and create an even surface for make-up. It will also keep make-up from being absorbed, making it last longer.

Use liners

Using an eyeliner and a lip liner as a base will help eyeshadow and lipstick hold longer on the skin.

Boldly line your lashline with an eyeliner in the same colour as your eyeshadow. Apply the eyeshadow over the liner and blend the edges.

For lips, use the liner all over the lips before applying lipstick.

Always set with powder and finish with setting spray

Translucent setting powder will help set make-up and get it to hold longer. A make-up setting spray will stop make-up from melting too quickly.

Those with dry skin can look for a hydrating spray, while those with oily skin can use a spray with oil-control properties.

Products to try 

Fix Make-Up, $45, from Clarins counters

The refreshing setting spray contains aloe vera, which the label says helps moisturise the skin.

De-Slick Oil-Control Make-up Setting Spray, $48, from Urban Decay counters

This lightweight mist is said to help control oil and keeps the skin looking matte.

Beauty Elixir, $69, from Caudalie, available at Sephora

This toning mist sets make-up. The label says the formula also helps tighten pores.

Make-up Setting Spray, $18, from NYX, available at Sephora 

The spray helps make-up last and creates a dewy finish that does not look oily.

Matte Setting Powder, $50, from Cover FX, available at Sephora 

The powder gives the skin a soft, matte finish. The label says the formula contains oil-absorbing ingredients.

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