Mirror, mirror, on the wall: Who is the girliest of them all?

G-Dragon turned up in drag in his music video Crayon, complete with flowing blonde tresses. -- BIGBANG YOUTUBE CHANNEL 
G-Dragon turned up in drag in his music video Crayon, complete with flowing blonde tresses. -- BIGBANG YOUTUBE CHANNEL 

SundayLife! looks at some of the most effeminate South Korean stars in vogue right now.

G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong), 25, Leader of boyband BigBang

Feminine Charms:

Is that G-Dragon's great grandaunt, G-Dragoness?

No, it's the K-Pop royalty himself in a digitally created image in his likeness as a woman in a hanbok (a traditional Korean outfit).

Fans had a good laugh about the picture, which went viral last year (2013). Its unknown creator clearly saw G-Dragon's womanly potential in the rapper's delicate features.

The self-deprecating fashion chameleon has no qualms milking his girly charms. He turned up in drag in his music video Crayon, complete with flowing blonde tresses.

What's more, the fearless fashionista makes women green with envy with his knack for fashion, extensive wardrobe and invites to exclusive Paris Fashion week shows.

Lee Taemin, 20, member of boyband Shinee

Feminine Charms:

The fresh-faced popster Taemin has gotten the public's vote for his dainty looks.

He came out tops of a ranking of "Male Idols Prettier Than Women" on a March episode on Super Idol Chart Show, a variety show on Korean TV channel MNet.

Taemin beat the likes of BigBang's G-Dragon (ranked third) and Super Junior's Heechul (ranked fourth).

It's not hard to see why Taemin's the champion of the pretty boys with his innocent doe eyeds and kissable pouty lips.

He has appeared as a guileless schoolgirl and a hot blonde babe on variety shows and concerts.

The flower boy is going for a "manlier" image of late, though: In singer BoA's 2013 music video Disturbance, he sports a shorter hairdo as the brooding leading man.

Kim Heechul, 30, member of boyband Super Junior

Feminine Charms:

Oozing confidence, Heechul once unabashedly declared that he looks like a doll.

He has no qualms putting his androgynous looks to good use - entertaining with his uncanny ability to impersonate women. He has transformed into female stars such as Lady Gaga (donning a blonde wig mimicking her famed bow hairdo) and Jessica from K-pop girl band Girls' Generation (acting coy and showing off his slender figure in a red cheongsam).

No wonder Heechul emerged the champion in a Top 10 Cross-Dressing Idols poll done by MTV K in 2011.

Coming in second on the charts were the Shinee boys, and BigBang's G-Dragon placed third.

Jang Geun Suk, 26, actor-singer

Feminine Charms:

Popular Korean actor Jang Geun Suk nearly gave his legions of fans a heart attack when he uploaded a photo of his 'girlfriend' on his twitter account in 2012.

The twitter post was accompanied by a photo of a bow-wearing, feminine-looking person with one manicured finger placed on pouting lips. It turned out that the 'girlfriend' was the actor in drag.

For the longest time, netizens have discussed the femininity of the breakout star of hit drama You're Beautiful (2009). One netizen even questioned if Jang Geun Suk was transforming into a girl. Never mind that he has been romantically linked to his You're Beautiful co-star, Park Shin Hye.

This pretty boy with signature flowy locks has further fanned the speculation by sportin hairstyles from punky pony tails to wavy tresses.

In 2013, however, the beautiful man said he got a haircut after four years of keeping his hair long, for his new drama, that ended its run in Korea earlier this year. Some things never change, however; the title of the drama? Pretty Man.

Lee Jong Suk, 24, Actor

Feminine Charms:

Rising actor Lee Jong Suk has enviable delicate feature and a petite face.

Then, there's his snow white fair skin that some girls can only dream of attaining, even if they slap on the sunscreen and whitening products.

Towering at 1.86m tall, Lee started his career strutting the catwalk. He made the leap to acting in 2010, starring in bit parts in dramas such as Prosecutor Princess and Secret Garden that same year.

Though detractors have dissed Lee online as a tad too womanly for their liking, it's clear that the criticism hasn't dampened audiences' love for him.

He starred as a mind-reading student with a mission to protect his benefactor in popular drama I Hear Your Voice (2013), and went on to leading man roles on the big screen - as an aloof competitive swimmer in the film No Breathing (2013), and as a cowardly Casanova in Hot Young Bloods (2014).

His good friend, actor Kim Woo Bin dished in an interview last year (2013) that Lee loves to talk about marriage - even though he does not have a girlfriend.

Hopeful fans everywhere rejoiced earlier this year, when Lee said that he was not dating anyone.

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