Mindfulness as antidote to digital stress

I refer to Sumiko Tan's column about her addiction to the digital world (It's Time To Switch Off, Nov 22).

Her struggles speak to many people who can no longer spend even a minute sans phone, or do nothing without feeling bored, restless or even anxious.

Some of us might argue that we do not have a choice, since it is impossible not to look at our phones all the time given the demands of our work and social life.

But is it really necessary to be checking e-mails while we are having a meal at a family dinner? Do we admit that instead of listening to our loved ones, we are thinking about checking the latest Facebook updates?


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We are no longer spending quality time with the people who matter, and we not focusing as much as before. We claim we are resting, but our eyes and fingers are glued to the phone screen playing games to escape from mind-numbing boredom.

Erin Lee

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