Microwave mug recipes save time

Try no-fuss cooking for one person with microwave mug recipes.
Try no-fuss cooking for one person with microwave mug recipes.PHOTO: WASHINGTON POST

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To cope with growing demand for eel, Japanese farmers have started to adopt the practice of fattening their fish to double the standard size so as to increase the amount of edible flesh. The catch of baby eels, known as glass eels, has become historically poor and there is concern that Japanese eel resources are on the decline because of reasons such as over-fishing.

Japanese farmers fatten eels to meet rising demands: str.sg/oMbz


In a column in The Washington Post, wine writer Elin McCoy said that light reds are best served chilled, sometimes even ice-cold.

Such wines are known as vins de soif (French for "wines for thirst"). Wines that are best drunk cold are "light, fruity examples with low alcohol, soft tannins and high acidity", she added. These include Beaujolais, made from the gamay grape, and varietals such as frappato and lambrusco.

It is okay to chill light reds for hot weather, some are even made to be drunk ice-cold: str.sg/oM9k


You do not have to spend hours in the kitchen to make delicious food. Make easy one-mug meals, from breakfast to dessert, in a microwave oven.

ST Food has picked up four recipes for one-mug wonders from The Washington Post. Recipes include a soup with baked potato, bacon, chives and cheese, as well as a berry cobbler in six minutes for dessert.

Microwave mug recipes can produce good eats: str.sg/oM93

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