Merits of Singapore Girl

In response to the article on zhai nan nu shen (goddesses for geeks) (Taiwan's Goddesses, Sunday Life, July 2), I am obliged to respond as a naturalised Singapore citizen who has lived here for 33 years and married a local .

I wish to counter your zhai nan nu shen with a Mandarin phrase I learnt a long time ago -  xian qi liang mu (a virtuous wife and a loving mother) - and make the case for the women of our country.

The Singapore Girl has an elegance, charm, sophistication, refinement and, most importantly, devotion that is unique in not only South-east Asia, but throughout the world. 

The geeks you depict might find temporary rapture listening to music or viewing movies by these so-called goddesses, but when it is time to settle down and get on with the serious business of making a living, raising a family and being a responsible citizen, they should consider all the virtues and merits of the Singapore Girl.  Spoken as a spouse, father and grandfather.

John Driscoll

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