Twins Hayley and Jayley Woo take to the stage with Chef: Bibimbap Vs Chilli Crab,

Twins Hayley and Jayley Woo will take turns to appear on stage in Chef: Bibimbap Vs Chilli Crab

Twins Hayley (left) and Jayley Woo will play the role of the bubbly Cutie Chef.
Twins Hayley (left) and Jayley Woo will play the role of the bubbly Cutie Chef.PHOTOS: RESORTS WORLD SENTOSA


To this day, local actresses Hayley and Jayley Woo still get looks of surprise when either lets on that she has an identical twin.

The doe-eyed sisters have been in show business for five years now yet "people still are surprised that we are two different persons", says Jayley with a chuckle.

The duo will make use of their matching looks to take turns to appear on stage in Chef: Bibimbap Vs Chilli Crab, a non-verbal live theatre production on an epic culinary showdown between two teams of chefs, which will culminate in a cook-off to prepare two iconic dishes of South Korea and Singapore - bibimbap (mixed rice) and chilli crab.

The show will run from Saturday to July 22 at Resorts World Sentosa.

The Woos, 25, will play the role of the bubbly Cutie Chef and, along with the rest of the motley crew, entertain the audience with acrobatics, martial arts, b-boying, beat-boxing and a cappella singing - all without uttering a single line of dialogue.

For the twins, theatre is a new experience as they have mainly starred in TV shows and films so far. The bachelorettes had their big break when they both starred in local music film That Girl In Pinafore (2013).

Jayley says: "For dramas and movies, there are really close-up shots so you cannot overact. On stage, the audience might not be able to see your expressions if you do the same so that is something we have to work on."


  • WHERE: Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa

    WHEN: Saturday to July 22; Thursdays and Fridays (8pm); Saturdays (2 and 8pm; no 2pm show on June 10); Sundays (2pm); June 26 (8pm)

    ADMISSION: $38 to $118 from Sistic (go to or call 6348-5555)


The show is a collaboration between the integrated resort and South Korean production company Persona Inc, helmed by Choi Chul Ki, who is the creator of Nanta, one of the pioneer shows of the genre.

The new production is an adaptation of the action-comedy non-verbal musical Chef created by Choi, who is the executive director for the upcoming show.

Resorts World Sentosa was spurred to create this new production based on the popularity of the K-wave in Singapore.

"Chef: Bibimbap Vs Chilli Crab premieres at this right time when K-pop, romantic dramas, celebrity idols, food and fashion are whipping up much fever and adoration among fans and followers of the Hallyu wave," says an RWS spokesman.

He also adds that the show is in line with an intention to introduce more Asian-themed productions to the market.

1 Both of you play the role of Cutie Chef so have you decided who goes on stage when?

Jayley: I will play Cutie Chef in June while Hayley will do so in July.

2 We hear that you are K-pop fans and this show brings you one step closer to the industry. Do you dream of working in South Korea?

Hayley: Yes, we have been fans since 2009 and the music they put out is very trendsetting. Hopefully we will get to cut an album separately or together in Seoul one day.

3 As twins, you are often compared with each other. But do you see your sibling as competition?

Jayley: We have been compared with one another our whole lives. It's just normal with twins. We used to compete when we were much younger, but now we are past that. We help and advise each other.

4 So which do you prefer: bibimbap or chilli crab?

Both: (In unison) Chilli crab. Jayley: Chilli crab for sure. We are Singaporeans and love local food. In fact, we missed dishes like chicken rice and chee cheong fun when we were rehearsing in Seoul.

5 The show centres on food so do either of you enjoy cooking?

Hayley: I don't really cook, but I enjoy baking. I have baked lava cakes and cookies. The next thing I want to try making is macarons.

Jayley: I can cook basic stuff, but my knife skills are not very good. I am a bit clumsy and it seems like my hands don't want to listen to me. I use them more for eating than cooking.

6 How would you describe each other?

Hayley: Jayley is diligent, fun-loving and expressive.

Jayley: Hayley is hardworking, sometimes awkward and cheerful. She always brings a positive energy on set.

7 Would you want to work together again soon?

Hayley: For sure, as it's very hard to spend time together usually. Sadly, most of the time, we are busy filming... so we are very thankful for this experience.

8 How would you like to be remembered?

Hayley: As hardworking, always up for trying something out of my comfort zone and a person who enjoyed living in the moment.

Jayley: Hopefully, as a person who made a positive impact on someone else's life.

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